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Look, most of us are always looking for a way to generate additional income for a number of reasons. Paying for a vacation, reducing credit card debt, replacing a worn out carpet, putting in a swimming pool, braces for the kids, the list goes on and on!

Unless you are independently wealthy, most full time jobs just doesn’t seem to bring in enough income to address our financial concerns. Many individuals in this scenario, have looked into part time online jobs to put more money in their pockets and live the lifestyle they deserve.

In this article, I will give  you one of the best online resources to use, and one that you can perform from the luxury of your own home.  I will show you the simple process in getting started, and the steps to take in making money on a part time basis.

Part Time Online Jobs … Why Most Fail

to do listLet’s start with an honest truth. Most people attempting to make money online will fail to do so. This applies to both the part time and full time  jobs that can be found online. Why is this?

Well, there a number of reasons that unfortunately leads to these failures that I would like to address below. Although not an entirely inclusive list, these items will definitely be major culprits to your online success.

  1. A Plan – Too often, individuals attempting part time online jobs, have not devised a plan to create success. They simply jump in with both feet without a plan put in place.
  2. Research – What do you plan on doing to make money online part time? What is required of you to do so? Are others successful in doing the same thing? Is there a cost to you involved? These are all questions that will require some degree of research on your part before you take on this venture.
  3. Commitment – More directly, lack of. To be successful, it will take a level of commitment on your part to generate income. Working at your part time job will take more than an hour or two each week.
  4. Lack of Patience – Making money online will take some time, very few if any ever make money overnight. It just doesn’t happen this way!
  5. Support and Training – Individuals looking to make money online part time or full time, at some point will need a little help. Unfortunately, they are unable to find the proper support and training needed, and attempt to solve issues on their own. A recipe for failure!
  6. Negative Mindset and Suspicion – Because the number of failures associated with making money online is relatively high, individuals start out on this venture believing they will fail as well. They are doomed with this type of mindset and any level of success will be minimal.
  7. Competition – You aren’t the only one on the internet looking to make money part time. There is and will always be competition in any form of making money online.

Any of these components or a combination of a few, will certainly limit your chances at success, so let’s look at a few solutions to these issues.

Give Yourself A Fighting Chance … Tips To Success!

Let’s take a further look at some of the items mentioned above and give you a concrete plan to overcome these issues and hopefully start you on the right track in generating a nice part time online income.

A Plan

In designing a solid plan, you must first consider a number of things before you begin your journey with making money online. I have created a plan below that you may want to consider to ensure some level of success.

Decide on ‘how’ you plan on making money online. Are you going to sell something, write as a freelancer, submit surveys, provide a service? Make this the very first part of your plan. Be specific, don’t just generalize.


Okay, you have decided on ‘how’ you plan on making a little money online, so what comes next? Step 2: Research! Without it, you are dead in the water. Let’s say that you have decided to work part time online as an affiliate marketer and make some commissions by marketing a specific product.

Through research, you should find answers to the following questions before starting your task as an affiliate marketer. Find answers to the following questions:


  • Does the product you are selling have a market? If not, do further research.
  • What is your competition? Tough to make money in a competitive market.
  • What is your commission? Is it worth your time and effort to promote something that offers very little commission?
  • How do you plan on marketing your product?  Blog, PPC,  Social Media?
  • How much money do you have to invest in your plan, process?
  • How much time can you commit to this endeavor?
  • Where can you go for help, support and training?
  • How are you going to get started?

When you have answered  these questions with certainty, you have taken a giant step in giving yourself a very good chance at success. You will also have eliminated the fear of failure which enables you to proceed on your quest to making money part time with confidence.

Training and Support

Making a good amount of money online whether part time or full time, is difficult to do unless you have some form of training and support put in place. Even the most experienced individuals pursuing financial success will need both at some time in their journey.

Let me introduce Wealthy Affiliate to you, that provides both training and support that will only enhance your chances at success. I really didn’t have much knowledge when I entered this endeavor, so I knew I needed some help along the way. Wealthy Affiliate delivered in a big way!

The Wealthy Affiliate platform and training is designed to give you the best training possible, and do so in a manner that is so easy to understand. The training is broken down into lessons that enables you to learn very quickly. Take a look below and you will see what I am pointing out to you:


Keep in mind that this training is focused on the affiliate marketing side of things, but is also a tremendous resource in any form of online jobs. You will be amazed at just how fast you are able to grasp things and apply it to your own online job. Best of all it’s free!

online training


Types of Online Jobs (Part Time)

In a recent article I wrote, I took a look at several types of online jobs ( full time and part time) that you may want to consider. Simply click here to view that article and gain further insight pertaining to these jobs. Here are a few of those listed below for your convenience.

  1.  Freelance Writing
  2. Paid Surveys
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Proofreader
  5. Blogger
  6. Online Tutor
  7. Customer Service

Let’s take a look at these seven items in a little more detail:

magnifying glass

Freelance Writing – Do you like to write and have decent grammar skills? If so, there are a number of companies, businesses or individuals looking for your services. These are considered to be clients or in simpler terms, your boss.

Clients will hire you to complete a written task for them and then pay you once the assignment has been completed. As a freelance writer, you may have a different client for each day or go into a contract that will pay you over a period of extended time.

You may be asked to write a magazine article, a document, provide social media content, etc. You decide which type of writing you are comfortable with and seek jobs in that area. Part time or full time.

surveyPaid Surveys – If you are someone who likes to take surveys  then finding part time online work in this area should not be an issue. There are hundreds of sites that you can find to take surveys.

This method of making money is probably my least favorite out of the whole bunch for one major reason. The pay! You will have to spend a great deal of time taking surveys to generate a decent amount of money.

There are a lot of survey scams out there so be careful! Swagbucks would be one that I would recommend if this is something that interests you. They are legitimate and very popular with individuals worldwide.

 Affiliate Marketing – As an affiliate marketer you have the freedom to choose and research the product of your choice. I am able to work as an affiliate when and where best fits my schedule for the day. The biggest benefit I see is the amount of income that can be generated as an affiliate. In theory, you will be able to grow a business as an affiliate, and receive income month after month!

For those unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, it is a process where you choose a product to sell that doesn’t belong to you, and then receive a commission from the product owner after the sale.  It’s your job as the affiliate marketer to bring traffic (customers) to your blog and promote your product. The process is outlined below:

affiliate marketing

If affiliate marketing is something you have interest in, I would suggest you give Wealthy Affiliate a good look. It is free to join and offers a great commission payout with the best training you will find online.

Proofreader – Another source of income that is available online is that of a proofreader. This is a great way to earn money by reading some form of writing and checking for errors.

This is especially great for those who possess strong grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation skills  who are able to identify errors within the writing content. You may be asked to proofread a college term paper, short story or any other type of document to point out errors.

Blogger – Owning your own blog website gives you a number of ways to blogmake money online. With a blog, you can earn money as an affiliate selling digital and physical products, placing ads on your blog website, and offering a certain type of service to your readers.

There is definitely some work involved with blogging but the effort may be worth it in the long run. A blog can generate a residual income and many individuals now use this vehicle as a full time income.

This very article you are reading right now is part of my own blog. To be honest, I knew nothing about blogging or how to create a blog a few months ago. With the help of Wealthy Affiliate, I now have this blog in place and has helped me to earn some additional money!

Online Tutor – For those with teaching degrees or have skills in a specific area, tutoring online is another way to earn some money online. Depending on your skill set, you can teach kids (K thru 12), college students and adults.

You can pretty much schedule your own hours as long as they are acceptable to your client. English, Math, Spanish, History, Science are just a few of the subjects that you can offer as an online tutor.

Customer Service – If you enjoy working with the public, then finding work as a customer service agent may be something to consider. There are hundreds of companies looking for individuals to assist in the running of their businesses.

Taking calls for support, answering consumer questions, resolved issues, and recording data are just a few of the tasks that may be required of you. Having a nice voice, great communication skills and some basic computer skills are essential to this line of work.




I hope this article has provided you with some further insight in how and what it takes to secure a part time online job. For many, providing a service or services to a specific client seeking assistance has made this a full time job.

Decide which form of online jobs meets your interests, and pursue something in this area. Be sure to do your fair share of research before signing up for a job, and consider signing a contract with your employer to protect yourself.

For those who are interested in starting a blog and perhaps make money as an affiliate, consider Wealthy Affiliate as a great source. They will actually build a free blog website and provide essential training to get started. Simply click on the banner below to get started with your free account.


Please leave me a comment below or ask any question you may have. I will my imageget back to you and provide you with feedback that hopefully will assist you and assist you as you move forward. I wish you the best!





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