How To Pay Off A Mortgage Early

How much easier would your life be without that mortgage payment hanging over your head month after month? If you are like most, this single payment will be the largest expense you dish out on a monthly basis. Thirty, twenty-five, twenty year loans that just seem to have no end!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the opportunity and means to pay off this loan or at least put a major dent in the balance owed? In this article, I will show you how to pay off a mortgage early and do so without ever leaving your home. You can still keep your full-time job while earning additional income from home.

Paying Your Mortgage Off Early … One Common Thread

Although this article pertains to a specific source in generating additional income, there are a few ways that home-owners have used to reduce or pay off their mortgages. These methods are indeed popular with many home-owners and definitely something to consider. Here they are:

  • Paying a bit more each month (Ex: Monthly Mortgage Amount is $1,500 – You pay $1,600)
  • Making an extra monthly payment during each calendar year (You make 13 payments instead of 12)
  • Refinance (Refinance a 30-year loan to a 15-year loan at a lower interest rate)

There are a number of details associated with all three of these methods, but the one common thread in all is money. Does your budget allow you to pay a little more each month? Extra payment once a year? If not, your only choice in achieving your goal is through the generation of additional income.

Paying It Off Early … The Big 3

1.) Paying A Little More Each Month – If you have the funds available, this is a great way to reduce the number of years you have on your loan. According to a source known as Mortgage Calculator, if you could pay $100 more on top of your normal mortgage loan you would see these results. By adding $100 each month with a thirty-year loan, you can now have this loan paid off in 24 years. A savings of six years. Nice!

2.) Making An Extra Payment Each Year – The same scenario holds true as the example used above with one major difference. Interest! By making an extra payment within a twelve-month period will save you a great deal of money paid out through interest. In addition, you will also cut a thirty-year mortgage down to twenty-four years.

3.) Refinance – This is a wise choice for two very important reasons. First of all, refinancing your home can lower the number of years that you owe on the loan. Refinancing your home loan can take you from twenty to ten years or some other number that reduces the terms of your loan. Another major benefit of refinancing has to do with the interest rate. Catching the interest rate when it has dropped below the rate you are currently paying, can save you thousands of dollars!

It Takes Money! …

As you can see, in order to pay off that mortgage early is going to require some additional income on your part. From our example used above, you can see what an additional $100 a month can do for you. Just imagine what an extra $200 or $300 a month could do?

As I stated earlier, I am going to show you how to pay off a mortgage early and give you a platform to do so without leaving the confines of your living room. This is something that anyone can do and the best part is that it will cost you nothing to get started. Let’s get to it!

moneyI know many of you have tossed around the idea of making money from home and using your computer to do so. If you are like me, you have at the very least conducted some research but just never found something that really was of interest. I spent countless hours of research and spent hundreds of dollars with a number of programs out there that just didn’t work. Let me ask you a few questions that may assist you in your search in finding a way to make money online.

*What are your interests, your passion?
*Would you like to write about these interests?
*How much money do you have to get started?
*Do you have a website? If not, do you know how to create one?
*How much would you like to earn per month?                                                     *Do you have support and training to assist you?                                                         *Is this legitimate?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate And What Can It Do For You?

Now, you may be asking what do all of these questions have to do with paying off your mortgage early? It’s about generating money. It’s about making money to pay a little more each month or making an additional payment once a year. It’s about turning your interests into a money making machine through a website blog that you have complete control over. Are you ready to get started? Let me introduce Wealthy Affiliate to you.

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You can find all the information you need regarding Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here, but I would like to examine the questions I asked of you in the section above, and show you how Wealthy Affiliate can assist you in answering these questions. Here we go:

The Answer To Your Questions …


What Are Your Interests?  Your passion?

This should be an easy question for you to answer as we all have a few things that interests us. Whether it be music, sports, gardening, pets, painting, etc. we all have an interest in something. Wealthy Affiliate labels this interest as a ‘niche’ and one of the first components in making money.

Would You Like To Write About These Interests (Niche)?

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How Much Money Do You Need To Get Started?

Absolutely nothing! Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership to join.

Do you have a website? Do you know how to create one?

create a website

If you answered ‘no’ to both questions, no need to worry. Wealthy Affiliate will build you a website for ‘free’ with no strings attached. You don’t need any special skills, as Wealthy Affiliate will actually generate a website in less than 30 seconds.

How much would you like to earn per month?

The amount of money you can make really comes down to how much time you put into your writing. Making an extra $100 per month is quite doable and many individuals are making a full time living through their blog.

Do you have support and training to assist you?

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best training and support available online today. The training is set up in classes that enables you to set up your money making website in the proper manner. The training will walk you through one step to the next with video that is so easy to follow.

Is this legitimate?

Absolutely! Wealthy Affiliate has over 800,000 members which would indicate that this is truly a legitimate program. Individuals throughout the world are members of Wealthy Affiliate and are very successful using this platform.


Think about the freedom of no longer having a mortgage payment month after month, year after year. No more living from paycheck to paycheck and just trying to get by financially. Paying your mortgage off early will free up money to plan another vacation, pay off credit card debt, purchase a new car and so many other things that would bring you happiness.

To do this takes money. The more you have the faster you can pay off that mortgage loan. I gave you a valuable resource in Wealthy Affiliate and one that I highly recommend. It works! It will cost you absolutely nothing to get started and it does produce results. Do yourself a favor, and click on the banner below to get your free membership and get that mortgage paid off early!


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