At Last, The Secret To Writing Blogs For Money Is Revealed!

As our economy continues to fluctuate, more and more individuals are looking for a way to increase or add additional income to their household. For many, the idea of making money online has peaked their interest and have created a blog to do just that.

In this article, I will examine and show you the process in writing blogs for money, give you some ideas on what your content should include and offer a suggestion that will increase your likelihood of making money through your blog. I will also reveal that ‘secret’ that will help driive traffic right to your blog site!

Is Writing Blogs For Money Easy To Do? No, Here’s Why …

In order to be successful in making money with your blog, there are a number of things that you must have in order. For many, they simply have little understanding in how to create a blog that will generate income and become frustrated when they see no results. Here are some of the major roadblocks that must be addressed:

  • Niche is too competitive
  • Blog content and overall layout is poorly constructed
  • Lack of traffic to your blog

Although there may be other roadblocks that blog writers may encounter, in my opinion these are the three that must be addressed in order to have a successful money making blog. Let’s take a further look at these roadblocks and find a solution in knocking them down.

Use These 3 Little Tips To Make Your Blog A Money Making Machine!

Choosing  A Niche

A big mistake for many bloggers looking to make money with their blog have not clearly defined their niche or have one that is just too broad in nature. For those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘niche’ let me explain what this actually relates to.

A niche is basically a specific piece or part of the market for a particular type of service or product. Anything can be a niche. To be successful in writing blogs for money, you must understand that you don’t want to have a niche that is too broad. Break down a larger niche into a more targeted component within this niche. Let me give you an example:

Niche – Grapes (Too Broad Or Too General)  Competition here will be great

A More Targeted Niche (White Grapes)

Even More Targeted (Seedless White Grapes)

Even More Targeted (Seedless White Grapes From California)

Can you see the difference here? As a blogger, you will have much more success at targeting ‘Seedless White Grapes From California,’ than just ‘Grapes.’  The broad niche of ‘grapes’ is just too general and competion with other bloggers will be high. Research and narrow your niche and target traffic looking for a specific item, in this case ‘Seedless White Grapes From California.’


Blog Layout   

design                                                                                                                                                               The cosmetic look of your blog will also greatly influence the success moving forward. Potential buyers who find your blog must have a pleasant experience if you hope to capture their attention and possibly make sales. Here are a few tips that I would recommend in making your blog easy on the eye and appealing to your readers.

  • Writing content – Make it user friendly and tell a story if applicable. Should not read as medical dictionary.
  • Use appropriate titles and subtitles
  • Write in short paragrahs (2 to 3 sentences)
  • Use relevant imagery (Images that ‘show’ how to do something are powerful)
  • Use lists (numbered, bullets) to break up content
  • Avoid fancy headers, sliders or irrelevant images                                                          Allow for plenty of ‘white’ space with your article (Easier on the eyes for readers)
  • Insert a clear ‘call to action’ in every article

Following these guidelines certainly won’t guarantee that you will make money hand over fist, but it will position your blog in a much better place for success and financial gains. When your blog is designed with elements in place, you have increased the chances of your readers and buyers to visit your site time and time again. In theory, they have enjoyed their experience.

Getting Traffic

 Okay, you have narrowed the selection of your niche down to a more online audiencetargeted focus. You have outlayed and displayed your blog in a manner that is appealing to the eye and one that reads smoothly throughout. Great work! The next step in writing blogs for money is getting potential buyers in front of your product oer service. You need traffic!

I could write an entire article on ways to get online traffic to your blog but I would like to just stick to a few that I personally use with my own blog. Let’s consider these methods below:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO in simple terms has to do online visibility. A blog (website) will be more visible and receive a higher page ranking in the search results once it is recognized as a trustworhty and authoritative site. A goal of yours should be getting your site on the first page of Google. That’s where you get traffic!


  • As your blog matures and you continue to write great content, your blog will become more popukar within the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. As a result, your blog will steadily increase in ranking resulting in more customers to your blog.


  • Paid Advertising –  This an option you have if your budget allows for it. There are a number of sites that offer a PPC campaign in which you are actually charged a fee to run a campaign within this platform. In this scenario, you will place an ad with one of these sites which in turn will display this ad on sites that are closely related to your niche. Here is an example of an ad with a niche focused on flea collars:


Notice the word ad in the example above. You will be charged to place this ad but it is an effective way to get online traffic to your blog. These ads can get expensive, so proceed with caution.

The Secret To Making Money With Your Blog!

Whether your blog is focused on selling a service or product, the key to success really comes down to one major element. Without it, you are losing out on a potential of huge financial success. Okay, here it is: You the blogger questionand owner of your website must be able to solve a problem to your readers. You must be able to offer a solution.

Take this very article you are reading right now. I would have to assume that you landed on this site to find out if it was actually possible to make money by writing a blog. You have a problem (not making money with your blog) and are looking for a way to change this.

What did you find? A solution that included a better approach in selecting a niche, a proper layout, and ways to drive traffic to your blog website. This article has given the reader a solution to a problem that they may have not thought of before. There is value to the reader in this example, and hopefully a certain level of trust. This is huge!

What To Sell? A Personal Preference …


Writing blogs for money can come in a number of variations, and really comes down to a personal preference. Generating income from your blog can come from selling a service that you can offer or from selling a physical product that you may or may not own.

It is not uncommon for some to market a specific service from their blog. Say you own and operate a window washing business that you have decided to market online with your blog. You state how good your work is, your prices, customer reviews, package deals, etc, and by using the strategies mentioned above, drive potential buyers to your blog.

The same can be said for physical products. You are skilled at making handmade jewelery and have created a blog to show off your talent. Employ the same process as a service being offered, with good content, good imagery and help your customer solve a problem.

Don’t have a product or service of your own to offer? No problem! Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. What is an affiliate? Simply put, an affiliate is someone who promotes a product that is not their own, markets and sells this product and then receives a commision from the owner of this product.

There are a number of affiliate programs you can find online that will be happy to have you as an affiliate. There are products available in just about any niche you can think of, with Amazon being one if not the largest. I am an Amazon affiliate myself as well as being an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate.

i will tell you that Wealthy Affiliate offers a much larger commission and the entire platform is user friendly. In addition, Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with excellent training and support, and put you on a great path in designing a blog that will produce results.



I certainly hope this article has provided some insight for you and gives you a better understanding in creating a blog to make money. Following the writing guidelines mentioned above will certainly increase your chances at creating and growing a successful blog.

Keep in mind that writing blogs for money requires work. It will take some time and commitment on your part for the search engines to view your site as one that provides value to your readers.

For those looking to earn money as an affiliate I will leave a link just below to Wealthy Affiliate. This is the very platform I use and highly recommend it as an excellent source. Free to join, so do yourself a favor and click on this link to get started today.

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