The Best Online Business Training … Step By Step Process

Too often, many of us will fail when it comes to building an online business. It’s not for lack of effort on our part but starting anything without having direction is a recipe for failure. We will open our computers, do some research and dig right in to the task of starting our online business. If all of these things are true, then why do most of us fail?


To answer the question above, there is one major problem in our attempt to create a business online. TRAINING!   We tend to just jump in with both feet and hope we produce something that resembles an online business. It just won’t work this way! The problem here is that most, if not all of us, are missing the most vital part which is some type of direction or plan. Without it, we have no chance at success. So, what and where can you find the best online business training?


Here’s The Problem …You Will Fall Without Training Wheels …


Remember as a kid when you learned how to ride a bike? What gave you confidence in riding your bike and having little fear of falling off? The answer: Training Wheels! You eventually learned, and successfully, to ride your bike up and down the street without the need for those training wheels. We spent some time with the training wheels on, took them off, and went on our way.

This same concept should hold true for building an online business. Training is essential and needed if our business is to be profitable. One major issue I encountered with most of the sources I found online was the complexity and lack of resources it provided to someone who needed simple, and easy to follow instructions. I had questions with no answers. Not a good recipe for success!

To me, training and support should go hand in hand which should be provided in any online training. Nothing is worse than to follow a training, have a question and have no one to answer it. Where is the support? You don’t want to have to wait 24 to 48 hours to get this question losing your momentum and then get discouraged. Let’s look at a platform that provides both.


Online Business Training Made Easy

So where do you find the best online business training? This was a question that I had as well, and spent many hours researching various training programs out there. I knew when I started my research that there a number of things that I absolutely had to have. Through some trial and error, further research and spending a few dollars, I found a training platform that focused on online business training.

This training platform, known as Wealthy Affiliate, provides you with a model that is perfect for beginners or experienced business owners. The training is designed in a way that takes you from one step to the next where you are asked to perform a few simple tasks associated with each phase or level of training. Here is a sample of some of the things you will get with this training:



This is the first of nine other lessons within this training. As you can see, nothing is taken for granted and the training is delivered in a way that even the most inexperienced person can understand. You will progress from one lesson to the next after performing a few tasks that are related to each lesson. The training has a ‘hands-on’ approach which promotes learning and is actually quite enjoyable.

Within each lesson, the training will be presented in a variety of ways. Each lesson or training phase is usually delivered through a video which I really like as it allows you to take notes or stop or replay the video to in case you have missed something. The training enforces the information being presented with clear, concise illustrations. Here is an example of this:



As you can see this is a very simplistic method of training and one that is quite easy to follow and understand.But, if some reason the training has left you with a question or two, there are a number of resources available to get you through that roadblock. In addition, you have at your disposal, live video classes that are an excellent source of information. Another great source of training provided with this platform are Classrooms that cover the following items:




As I mentioned earlier, online business training can not be effective unless there is some sort of support system put in place. Waiting 24 hours before you get a question answered or waiting for an explanation is not my idea of support. The Wealthy Affiliate training platform understands this and has put into place the following pieces:

  • Live Chat  (Ask a question and fellow members will instantly help to resolve your issue)
  • Ask a Question (Simply ask a question and direct it to a specific classroom (topic) for assistance
  • Private Message (Seek out a member who has experience and ask for help from them.
  • Member Community (Leave a question with the community and you will receive a number of responses from other members)
  • Contact Site Support
  • Contact Kyle or Carson, the owners at Wealthy Affiliate.

Thankfully, you won’t have to wait long to receive help which allows to continue your training at a much higher rate. No sitting around waiting for an answer or further direction.



These are just a few of the things that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. It is extremely popular for those looking to find online business training as well as those looking to start up their very own online business. In my attempts to find a legitimate online training platform, nothing has come close to the training available at Wealthy Affiliate.

As an added bonus, Wealthy Affiliate offers a Free Membership for those on a limited budget. Although the Free Membership doesn’t give you access to all of training, you will still receive a great deal of training to get your online business off the ground. Let’s take a look at some of the training benefits that you will receive at Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Free Membership (Training)
  • Freedom (You learn and gather information at your own pace)
  • Easy to implement and comprehend training through video, content, illustration, and examples)
  • Hands-on Approach (Learn by doing)
  • Instant feedback from those who have been through the training and are more than willing to share their knowledge
  • Training Support (Second To None)

I would encourage you to do the research yourself and see what others are saying about Wealthy Affiliate. Simply type in Wealthy Affiliate into your search bar to find out everything you can about this product. I would suggest that you pay close attention to the training part of this platform and compare it to other programs online.

I will tell you that I have been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for six months now, and have not been disappointed. The training here has allowed me to feel good about my online business as it has provided a solid foundation. I know have a business website up and running and feel confident  in where this may take me.


How about you? Ready to get your online business started but don’t where to begin? Sign up for your Free Membership below and receive some awesome training! Get Started Right Away!

If you should have a question about anything, feel free to leave it in the comment section below.