Don’t Be Fooled By Online Business Training!

The idea of starting an online business has become very popular to individuals looking for a way to earn or generate additional income. Unfortunately, without the proper knowledge or experience in building a business online, individuals will look for a place that offers online business training to help them get started on the right path.

There are a number of online sites that offer this training and make quite a number of promises to you as a potential business owner. Are all of these sights legitimate and have your best interest at heart? In this article I will take a look at this question as well as providing some additional insight as it pertains to this topic.


The Problem With Online Business Training

For those who believe that a search on Google to find a site that offers online business training will solve their issues will more than likely become very disappointed. Finding a site that claims to offer this service will not be a problem as there are hundreds of sites out there offering this service to you.

Unfortunately, this can be the start to an absolute nightmare! Why? Let’s take a look at the problems associated with online training that will leave individuals frustrated and confused:

  • The language being used in the online training can be difficult to understand (Technical Language)
  • The human element is missing (No support, immediate feedback, interaction, etc.)
  • Cost (Many online training platforms are expensive)
  • Can they be trusted (A lot of online scams out there)

These are just a few of the issues facing those individuals looking to gain knowledge with online training. As you can see, these issues alone will make it quite difficult to succeed with an online business.

Is There A Solution To These Problems? Well, Yes ..

Here comes some good news! All online training is not created equal and there are indeed a few out there that actually deliver on what they promise. To be honest, when I first started my own online business I had very little knowledge or experience in doing so.

Just like many of you, I researched a number of online training courses to get my business started and fell flat on my face. I literally spent hundreds of dollars in purchasing various training courses only to be let down time after time. The language (technical) was way over my head and simply got lost with the training.

This didn’t stop me from continuing my search and came across platform that looked promising but remained very cautious just the same. I wasn’t about to pay another large chunk of money again and receive little if any benefits from it. After a few days, I decided to go back and check out this platform a little further and here is what I found:

What AN Online Business Training Should Look Like …

1.) A Free Membership (Upgrade Is Optional)

2.) Free websites to be used in any way I like

3.) Extensive business online training with video, and easy to follow instructions (No ‘techy’ stuff)

4.) A support system to answer questions I may have immediately (Live chat)

5.) Classrooms that offer specific training in establishing an online business

6.) Live Video Classes

If you remember, I told you about a site that I had come across but wasn’t ready to take the plunge at that time. Like I stated earlier, I decided to re-visit this site and found all six of the elements within this program. I was actually surprised at the level of training within this platform and decided to join as a free member. Below is just a small sample of some of the training that is offered.


The training provided here is ideal for anyone, from newbies to experienced Trainingonline business owners. The training is set up in a way that takes you from one step to the next with support (Live Chat) which is always available. You will be hard-pressed to find online training out there that offers as much as Wealthy Affiliate and I would strongly recommend that you give it a look for yourself. Won’t cost you a thing to take a look around!

What You Will Learn With This Training …

The training offered here encompasses everything you could imagine in running an online business. As I mentioned earlier, the training is designed to be suitable for anyone interested in building a business online.

Listed below are just a few of items that are explained in the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate .


Wealthy Affiliate

  1. How to generate and build a website (WordPress Blog)
  2. How to find and create a domain for your website
  3. Hosting
  4. SEO training (Getting your website ready for Google)
  5. How to select a theme for your website
  6. How to market your website
  7. Using social networks to draw potential customers to your website
  8. Email Marketing
  9. How to design your website
  10. How to produce content to help answer questions your readers may have
  11. How to effectively use images on your website
  12. How to analyze the overall productivity of your business website
  13. How to do a proper keyword search
  14. How to run a successful PPC campaign
  15. How to become an affiliate

And so much more! To be honest, I didn’t have the foggiest idea about 80% of these items mentioned above, but with the training I now have a much higher level of knowledge in a very short time.

What Are The Benefits To You? …

Okay, we have found of site that promises to be what we are looking for. What can we expect once we get inside the training platform and what are the benefits of this platform? As a member myself, I can tell you the benefits that I have received in just a few short months.

Before doing that, I think it is important to understand that any training associated with an online business is an ongoing process. At the rate that technology is changing, what was once accepted may be outdated in a relatively short time. Effective training should be current with these changes.

I also believe that training and support should go hand in hand. Without one or the other, it is extremely difficult to be successful in anything you do, online or not. Far too many online training platforms provide training with little to no support. Should you encounter an issue with something, you are left to figure out a solution on your own.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the training provided through Wealthy Affiliate and the benefits associated with this type of format.

  • You are NOT alone with this training (Some members will be ahead of you in the training, others behind)
  • Support (You will have a community of others there to gladly help you)
  • Training modules or stages are clearly defined and easy to understand) Step-by-Step Process
  • Video Training which makes it easy to stop, pause or forward for better clarification (Easy To Navigate)
  • Trustworthy and legitimate (Over a million members worldwide)
  • Constant and current updates to the training
  • Task Oriented (You will perform specific tasks as it relates to the training) My favorite part!
  • A sense of achievement
  • Train and learn at your own pace
  • FREE Membership


I certainly hope this article and has been beneficial to you and has brought further clarity to online business training. Don’t be fooled like I was, and fall for every online training you come across and end up spending hundreds of dollars that has no great benefit to you.

I have brought your attention to one of these platforms, Wealthy Affiliate, that has delivered in what it promises. Don’t get me wrong, I was more than skeptical at first and didn’t realize its real value until I started my training. Anything and everything you could think of as it relates to an online business will be covered in a simplistic fashion.

Wealthy Affiliate, in its training does an excellent job of ‘showing’ you how to do something instead of ‘telling’ you how to do something. As a visual learner myself, this was an enormous benefit to the learning process. Video, graphs, charts, pictures are all on display within the training platform.

I wish you the very best in your search for the proper training, and please feel free to ask me anything you are not sure of. I will be glad to help!


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