Making Money From A Website … You Can Too!

If you ever considered making money from a website but are not real sure where to start, this article may be what you have been looking for. Many individuals throughout the world are now taking advantage of this concept and are actually making this a full-time business.

I am going to show you how you can do the same but also want to point out some problems associated with making money from a website, ways to alleviate these issues and some benefits you will have by having a website at your disposal.


Making Money From A Website … Some Common Concerns



One of the main reasons that individuals give up on this idea is a matter of knowledge or lack of. These individuals simply don’t know how or where to get started and just decide it’s not worth the effort and turn to something else. What are some of these issues that we face when attempting to earn revenue from a website? Look below:

  • No Website (No idea of how and where to create a website)
  • What To Sell (Physical Products or Services)
  • Knowledge (No sense of pricing, business transactions, laws governing a business, etc.)
  • Inventory
  • Competition
  • Driving potential buyers to your website

These issues are just a few that website owners have faced at one time or another. Let’s examine each one of these in more detail and then offer a solution to each one.

No Website

For those who lack technology skills or don’t have the money, generating a website builderwebsite for their own purpose is a major hurdle. There are a number of sites you can find on the internet that offer you this service but you still have doubts or these sites may charge a significant amount of money to do so.


Without having the experience to build their own website, individuals are somewhat unsure or suspicious about these websites building platforms and simply just give up. That’s a shame, but unfortunately this scenario happens way too often.



Deciding On What To Sell

This is an issue that really comes down to a personal preference. Making money from a website is a matter of choosing which type of product (or service) that you are comfortable selling. The problem arises when individuals don’t have a product or service to sell.



knowledgeLet’s be honest, whenever there is a transaction taking place that involves money, there are certain things that have to be considered. If you have chosen to use your website as a business, are you familiar with such things as pricing, returns, pricing, shipping, tax, etc.

Without becoming familiar with these issues, you may find yourself in a difficult situation. Finding someone trustworthy enough to help you with these questions and assist you with finding a solution may be more difficult than it looks. The lack of knowledge is specifically troublesome for individuals just starting out in this endeavor.


Once again, depending on your goal, inventory can be an issue for some. Having a quantity of products on inventory is important if you plan making this an online business. Assuming you are just attempting to place a few items lying around the house on your website there is no need for concern.

If you have hopes in generating a healthy income by selling products from your website, then having enough products on hand to satisfy the needs of your customers is a must. Good problem to have, but may still cause some distress if you haven’t planned ahead.





In order to make money from a website, it is important to know who you are competing with. Are your competitor’s prices higher or lower than your listing? Are they receiving a great deal of traffic to their website? What type of reviews are they receiving from their customers?

To answer these questions will take some research on your part. Your research should allow you to make a more educated approach with your own products and actually give you an advantage over your competition. This takes time and commitment on your part however, so be sure to factor that in your planning.



Let’s assume that you now have your own website, made a choice of products to sell, have plenty of inventory, researched your competition and are ready to go. How are you going to get potential customers to visit your website and hopefully purchase your product or services?

For those who little experience in online traffic, this can be the final straw! There are a number of ways that online business owners are using to get traffic to their website which I will discuss in just a short while.


solutionsHere is the good news! I am going to show you how to eliminate all of these problems and roadblocks and successfully start making money from a website. Let’s take a look at these solutions and knock down these barriers:

Website – When I began my journey of making money online, I didn’t have any idea of how to build a website or have any of those ‘techy’ skills necessary to create one. If this sounds like you, stay with me here. There is a place online that I found and use called Wealthy Affiliate.

Their site claimed that they could build me a website in just minutes and do this for free! Yea, I know, I thought the same thing and quickly clicked off their site. To be honest, I couldn’t get the word ‘Free’ out of my mind and revisited the site a few days later.

I went ahead and signed up for the Free Membership option and was quite happy with the results. Not only did I receive one website for free but was given the benefit of having two, both websites costing me a grand total of $0.00. Now, there is an upgrade that is available to you as well, but that is definitely a choice that you can make.

This entire process of getting a website up and running took little to no effort on my part. All that is required on your part is to enter a few simple details and the website is generated and built behind the scenes. Here is a screenshot that displays this process:


Can you see how easy this process is? Simply add a domain that relates to the product or service you are selling online. Here is another example that illustrates how easy this is:

Ex: Let’s say you want to make money by selling candles.

Domain Name: sweetaromacandles (sweet aroma candles )

Title of Website: Sweet Aroma Candles

That’s all that is needed from you! Your next step is to click ‘enter’ and you will have your website built!


What To Sell

You really have two choices here. One, you can choose to sell a product or what to sellservice that you personally own. Let’s say that you want to start up a window cleaning business and you use your website to let your readers know about your quality of work, pricing, discounts, hours and anything else that you want to provide.

In the example above, this service belongs to you and how you choose to promote it to make money from a website is entirely up to you. A product works the same way. For example, you are skilled in wood working and have built a garage full of bird houses. Use the same approach as previously mentioned and sell your bird houses. That simple!

Don’t have a product or service to offer? Either did I but it didn’t stop me from making money on my own website. I decided to research and become familiar with other ways to generate an income and decided to begin this new chapter as an affiliate. So what is an affiliate?

In simple terms, an affiliate is someone who promotes, markets and sells a product that is owned by someone else. Let me explain by example. Everyone has heard of Amazon, right? Assume that I have a real interest in golf. Okay, so how can this interest in golf make me money and what does it have to do with Amazon? Good questions!

Let me explain. I simply go to Amazon, sign up as an affiliate, and decide which golf ‘products’ I would like to promote. Where do I promote these products? Well, I place them on the website that Wealthy Affiliate has created for me and follow the same process I would if I owned these products.

When I sell one of these golf products, I will receive a commission from Amazon for my work. There are literally thousands of products out there that you can promote as an affiliate so you won’t have any problem finding one that has your interest.


Knowledge or Experience

Even the most experienced or wealthiest individual in the online business knew very little when they first started. Don’t ever think that won’t be able to find success on making money from a website due to your lack of knowledge or skill level. There is a wealth of information on the internet that is available to you if you need assistance.



inventoryIf you choose to become an affiliate, then inventory should not be an issue. Places like Amazon or Ebay have thousands of products on hand so inventory is always available. Selling your own products or services online really comes down to what you have available. How many bird houses do you have in stock?



Any good business person looking to generate money from a website has to be aware of competition. You will greatly increase your odds at success if you are aware of what your competitors are doing or not doing. How many other individuals are selling bird houses? What are they charging? Is there a refund or return policy?

You can answer all of these questions by simply taking the time to visit your competitor’s websites. There you will find such things as pricing, quantity available as well as gathering information that you can use for your own website. This type of research will only take a few minutes but can pay huge dividends to you.



As I mentioned earlier, there are a number of ways to get potential buyers to your website. One of the most important things you must do is to provide valuable content to your readers. Inform your readers with information about your bird houses or any product you choose to promote and help them solve a problem.

online audienceLet me give you an example: I will stay with the bird house product to do this. Assume that a number of potential customers have concern regarding the quality of bird houses. Their experience has told them that bird houses only last for a summer due to the rain, sun and outside elements. Solve this issue by stating that your bird houses are waterproofed, varnished or comes with a three-year guarantee. You now have solved a problem.

Social media is another great source to use in getting buyers to your website. Creating a Facebook or Twitter Ad detailing what you have to offer can be a very powerful resource. If you have a budget that can be used for paid advertising this can also be a great source of marketing and advertisement.


Conclusion With A Great Option

If you are still with me at this point I can only assume that you are truly interested in making money from a website. For those who are just starting out in this process I wish you the very best! You can do this! I mentioned a number of times about a platform known as Wealthy Affiliate that will make this possible without the stress.

For your convenience, I will leave a banner at the bottom of this article that you can check out for yourself. Simply click on it and get started with your website assuming you don’t have one already. This is a great place to start and the training you will receive is second to none. No experience or special skills needed!


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