How To Start Writing A Blog … Step By Step

Thinking about starting your very own blog but not quite sure where to begin? This very question has prevented a large number of individuals from creating their very own blog which is unfortunate. In this article I will provide you with some of the problems associated with starting a blog, give you solutions, and show you how to start writing a blog in a few easy steps.

How To Start Writing A Blog … Stumbling Blocks

For a lot of people who would like to blog, there are a number of issues or stumbling blocks that prevent these people from ever getting started. So what are these issues and roadblocks that hinder their efforts and in most cases, put an end to any further action. Here is a look at a number of these roadblocks:

  • Knowledge of setting up or creating a blog website is limited
  • No training or guidance available to assist you
  • Lack of writing skills
  • Content Topic ( What To Write About )
  •  Finding an audience to read your content

Lack of Knowledge

This would have to be the number one issue for those interested in learning how to start writing a blog. In order to write and create written content, there must be a place to put it. This ‘place’ has to be a blog website that you must have complete ownership.

Without knowledge or possessing computer programming skills, how do you build or create your blog website? Is there a place or platform that will build my website for me? Let’s be honest, you are reading this article because you are interested in writing, not the technical side of website creation. Technolgy can be a scary concept!


Who doesn’t need a little help along the way? Unfortunately, there is a limited number of resources out there that provide a training that can be easily understood and simplistic. The majority of training offered online is full of the technology jargon that is unfamiliar to most of us.

Along with a quality training platform, a support system is necessary to help with questions we may have along the way. Where can you go for help? Who is available to help you? Without a sound support system you will end up with major headaches and a strong desire to just give up the whole idea.

Lack Of Writing Skills

All of us have an unique and different approach to writing content. Many individuals never start the blog writing process because they believe their writing skills are not good enough. Things such as grammar, punctuation and other concepts related to writing are inferior to others which stops them dead in their tracks.


Yes, the old writer’s block fear! You have your fingers on your keyboard, ready to produce a nice piece of content, and wait for it … nothing. This is a problem that can rear its ugly head with even the most experienced writer and more so with someone just starting out.

Finding Your Audience

Assuming all of the roadblocks mentioned above have been addressed and taken care of, many aspiring blog writers worry that nobody out there will be interested in the content. Why go though all the work writing a nice piece of content if nobody is interested in reading it? How do you get readers to your blog? How do you keep them coming back?

Knocking Down The Roadblocks … One Step At A Time

If I were to tell you that all of these issues mentioned above could be solved with one particular program that I recently found online, would you believe me? If not, I wouldn’t blame you. What if I could show you how to start writing a blog that would cost you absolutely nothing? Let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s take a closer look at what Wealthy Affiliate can offer you by looking at those things that create such a headache for those wanting to start a blog. This program is free to join and will provide the tools to get you started with your blog and a writing platform. Here’s what you get:

Building/Creating A Website

start blogging

Without having experience or skills dealing with technology, how can I possibly create a website that will provide a writing platform? This is a place where I was a few months ago and had no idea on what it took to build a blog website for myself to begin my writing.

As mentioned earlier, I decided to give Wealthy Affiliate a shot and soon found that I didn’t need any of these skills associated with creating a website. As a free member, the Wealthy Affiliate platform built a website for me. This was done in just a few minutes and done ‘behind the scenes” which was pretty cool to see. They took care of all of the ‘techy’ stuff and I was writing on my own blog the same day!


Okay, you have your very own website up and running so what’s next? Do you know how to start writing a blog or are you still unsure where to start? Having a website won’t do you any good unless you take full advantage of what to do with it. Here’s what I mean by this:

trainingThe training provided by Wealthy Affiliate is one if not he best training platforms you will find out there. You will be walked through the various steps that are necessary before you begin the writing process. Such things as keyword search, your blog layout, your blog’s theme, content and so many other topics related to your blog will be explained in great, simplistic detail.

What is unique and different from other training platforms is the way that it is structured. If you are a visual person like me. the walk-through videos within Wealthy Affiliate are quite easy to follow and apply the training to your own website. Step-by-step instructions that will create a successful and professional looking blog.

Writing Skills

Not real confident in your writing skills? If so, don’t let this stop you from creating a blog website or providing content to your readers. You don’t have to acquire a master’s degree in journalism in order to start or be successful with your blog. Take a good look at some of the blogs you can find online, and you will find mispellings, poor puntuation, and other grammatical mistakes. I’m sure this blog has its share. Don’t let it stop you!


This is where the truly fun part begins! With your own blog website in place as a result of some excellent training, you are now ready to start writing. As the owner of your website, you are now free to write about anything you wish. Blog owners enjoy the element of providing readers with written content that will be of interest to them.

Pick any topic that you would like to write about and you will find others out there that are interested in the same thing. Want to write about spiders? You will find thousands of other prople who enjoy this subject as well. In a very short time, you will obtain an audience of spider lovers who can’t wait to read your content. You now have a following.

Share your knowledge and interests with a topic that is special to you. As long as the content you are sharing with your readers has value to them or peeks their interest you are on your way to having a successful blog. There will always be content to write, so don’t let this be a stumbling block to you.

Finding An Audience

As mentioned just above, if you provide quality, informative content then online audienceyou shouldn’t have any concern in gathering an audience to your blog. In addition to having quality content, there are also a number of other ways to drive an audience to your blog website.

The training provided through Wealthy Affiliate goes into great detail in using such things as social media, paid traffic and other sources to get traffic (audience) to your website but it still is eseential on your part to continue to write content to gain trust and growth with your blog. Content is always king!



By this time you should have a good idea on how to start writing a blog. I have mentioned the roadblocks and stumbling blocks associated with writing a blog and have given you a tremendous resource to resolve these issues. I hope I have encouraged you to proceed with your blog and would like to name a few of the benefits associated with owning a blog.

  1. Freedom to write about your own specific interest
  2. A business blog than will make you a nice revenue
  3. Gaining trust from your readers
  4. Becomong an authoriative figure with the content you produce
  5. Doing something (writing) that you enjoy


In Conclusion

The roadblocks, solutions and benefits associated with how to start writing a blog has been discussed in great detail above which I hope has been beneficial to you. With a little effort on your part and with a platform such as Wealthy Affiliate you now have the resources to start your very own blog immediately.

For those interested in checking out Wealthy Affiliate and signing up for your Free Membership, I will leave details below. Thank you for visiting my site and please feel free to submit any question below and I will get back to you very quickly. Happy writing and the best to you!


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