Can I Make Money Online? | Yes, But Only If …..

I get asked this very question quite often, and I always answer it in the same way. “Yes, but only if …,”! More on the ‘if’ a little later, but the truth of the matter is that there is money to be made online and there are tons of people doing it each and every day of the week.

In this article I will show you why individuals fail at making money online, and explain the ‘if’ in further detail. As a result, I hope you will get a better understanding of what it takes to make money online, show you how to get started and make you feel more confident in answering the question, “Can I make money online?”

Making Money Online … Why Most Fail!

You must understand that making money online will take time. It won’t happen overnight and no, there is no magic push button or secret formulas out there, regardless of what you see or hear. Individuals fail in their attempt to make money online for a number of reasons which are listed below.

1.) Lack of training and support

2.) No real plan (Business or marketing)

3.) Lack of discipline and effort

4.) Fear of failure

5.) Patience

6.) Lack of research

Let’s take a closer look at these issues and render a solution to each one.

Problem 1 – Lack of Training and Support

Unfortunately, too many of us just jump on the internet thinking that making money online will be a simple process. Think about it this way: Would you want a surgeon operating on your knee who had no prior training or support? Of course not, and you must think the same way if you hope to be successful in making money online.


To generate online income we need training that shows us how to start, where to start, and one that offers a simple process that will give us a solid foundation. Having someone there who can answer our questions in a timely manner is just as important as there will be times when we can use a little support.

Problem 2 – No Real Plan

This problem can also be seen as a by-product of training but in a different sort of way. What is your plan to make money online? Without one, you will just continue to throw things against a wall and hoping one sticks. Do you plan on making money within a couple of hours? A month? Are you going to sell a product or service online? Where do you plan on finding buyers? Without a plan, finding answers to these questions is nearly impossible.


Devise a business plan that suits your needs or interests and determine what it is that you wish to achieve. You can’t go into making money online with both eyes shut. Here are a few questions to consider when devising a good plan:

  • Determine how you plan on making money online (Affiliate, Taking Surveys, Freelance Writer, Ebay, Amazon, etc.)
  • Conduct a thorough research of your product, service or intended source of revenue. Who is your competition?
  • Marketing plan (How are you going to market your brand? How are you going to get customers to your site?)
  • How many hours a day/week can you commit to working online?
  • Do you have a website?

When you can answer these questions with a high degree of certainty, you are on your own way to having a good plan put into place.

Problem 3 – Lack of Discipline and Effort

Too many individuals looking to make money online lose focus, and get distracted with other things that will have a direct impact on their online success. They find ‘other’ things to do and don’t put in the effort required to make money online and eventually step away completely.


This really is a solution based entirely on you. Devote a specific amount of hours a day/week to your money making endeavor and avoid all other distractions. Turn the phone, TV and other devices off, and commit those designed hours strictly to your online tasks without interruption.

Problem 4 – Fear of Failure

You can find plenty of information on the internet stating that making money online is almost impossible to accomplish. It’s only for those who have great computer skills or those you have money to have others do their work for them. As a result, individuals obtain the mindset that they can’t do it either. They will eventually quit and move on to something else.


Don’t listen to this noise! Stay away from the thousands of online ‘scams’ and concentrate on your business and marketing plan. Just know that there will still be a few hurdles along the way and resist the temptation of just giving up. Stay focused and knock down those hurdles!

Problem 5 – Patience

Very few, if any, will start making money online overnight. It just doesn’t happen that way! There are no magic buttons out there that will deposit thousands of dollars into your savings account within hours. Follow your plan, do the work and be patient!


Don’t expect a huge windfall of money within a day or two. Just know that the work you are putting into your online endeavor will pay dividends down the road. It truly is a marathon and not a sprint!

Problem 6 – Lack of Research

I briefly touched on this earlier but I wanted to detail this a bit further. Research is probably the biggest factor in determining your level of online success and one that most simply don’t put enough effort into. Let me expand on this by giving you an example:

Let’s assume that you have decided to make money online as an affiliate selling a particular product. Do you know if this product is selling? Is there a market for it? Are others selling the same product, and if they are, how strong is your competition? Without research, you are dead in the water?


Do the research! With the internet, you can find out just about anything you need to know with a few simple clicks of your mouse. Research your product in great detail, explore your competition and make an intelligent decision based on these facts. Research and research some more!

Can I Make Money Online? … Here Comes The ‘IF’

I mentioned this is the title of this article and you may be wondering what this ‘if’ is all about. The answer to this is actually contained in the information you have just read. To clear this up for you, I will list the ‘ifs’ below to demonstrate what it takes to make money online:

You will make money online, IF …

  • You have devised a good business and marketing plan
  • You have the proper training and support
  • You know how and what to research
  • You are committed to do the work
  • You are willing to find solutions to problems you may encounter
  • You are patient and not expect overnight success

Conquer these items, you have a real chance at making money online. For those of you that need further assistance in getting started, I have found a platform that is second to none in my opinion. The name of this platform is called Wealthy Affiliate and they will provide you with everything you need to have success online.

Wealthy Affiliate … What They Can Do For You!

First of all, Wealthy Affiliate is a program that will supply you with numerous tools to assist you in your desire to make money online. They have thousands upon thousands of members who take advantage of these tools by applying them to their own needs.

The answers to the ‘IF’ questions that were discussed earlier, can all be answered in positive light by following and using the tools that Wealthy Affiliate offers. Let’s take a look at what Wealthy Affiliate offers:

1.) Free Membership

2.) Two Free Websites (Wealthy Affiliate will create these for you)

3.) Training (Beginners courses)

4.) Support

5.) Research Tools

6.) Video Training

As you can see, a big chunk of the ‘ifs’ are eliminated with the Wealthy Affiliate program. I can honestly tell you that I am a member myself, and my success can be directly attributed to Wealthy Affiliate.


my imageI hope this article has enabled you to answer the question, “Can I make money online?” with much more conviction than you previously had. There are thousands of individuals making money online as I write this article and many are now working online as their full time job.

It will take work, commitment and patience which are all things that are under your control. Lean on Wealthy Affiliate for the best training available online and stick to your plan! I wish you great success with your online venture and if I can help in any way, please leave a comment below. Thanks for visiting!


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