Building A Website For Dummies

Let’s face it, attempting to do something without having adequate experience or knowledge can present quite the challenge. For those of us who lack both experience and knowledge, the thought of creating a website seems just about impossible. I was there too my friends, so I decided to write this article on building a website for dummies to show you my exact steps I used in creating my own.  Pretty easy process!


  Technology … The Biggest Obstacle   

Confused manI can’t speak for you, but I can tell you that I had very little knowledge when it came to the building of a website.

Such things as HTML code, downloads, uploads, etc. meant nothing to me. Obviously, I knew individuals were creating their very own website each and every day, but I didn’t know or understand ‘how’ they were doing it. The ‘how’ is the techy part of things that causes so much distress in most of us.

Looking for some good news? You don’t need or have to possess these technological skills in order to build your own website. There is in fact a platform that I discovered that will actually perform these tasks for you. This platform I discovered is called Wealthy Affiliate and it is a perfect setting for a ‘dummy’ like me.  Through Wealthy Affiliate I was able to obtain a fully functional website in a matter of minutes, without having little knowledge of that monster called technology.


Training … Dummy Proof Solution

I think a lot of us tend to lose sight of the importance of receiving the proper training when attempting to do something for the first time. For me, effective training must offer the following attributes if we are expected to learn and apply this training to a completion of any project. Here are those items that must exist in a quality training format:

  • Easy to follow ( Simple, clear instructions )
  • Various methods of training ( Written text, videos, examples )
  • Support ( Quick response to questions we have )
  • Current, updated instructions

Without these in place, it can become quite difficult to gain trust in the training process. In creating and building your first website, it is a must that we receive some direction and guidance from a quality training program that can deliver a source of information that can be understood. When we have this, our odds of creating a functional website are greatly increased.



Your First Website … What You Will Need

Not  much is needed on your part to get your website up and running. There will be some terminology that you will become familiar with throughout the initial training but definitely not anything you can’t handle. Here is a list of those things that will be required from you as you get ready to create your website.

  • Niche  ( A specific interest in something )
  • A domain name ( Explained in training ) Simple process
  • Name for your website
  • A theme that you select ( WordPress themes that are free to use )



For those unfamiliar with the term ‘niche’ this is nothing more than a specific interest you may have. Say you are in to ceramics, so ceramics would be your niche. Horses, cartoons, mustard, cameras, art, are all examples of niches. A domain name usually, but not always, will reflect your specific niche. A domain name will allow readers to find your website. A theme is basically a design of how your website will look which you will be able to choose for yourself.


What’s Next? … For Us Dummies, A Huge Benefit!

Okay, here comes the exciting part! Once you have decided on the three things I listed above ( niche,domain name, theme ) it is simply a matter of entering these items into an assigned location. Not to worry, a third grader can do this. After completing this small task, you will be directed to simply push a ‘Create My Website’ and in seconds, you will have your fully functional website!

All of this is done ‘behind the scenes’ so no further action is needed on your part. You know are ready to provide content to your website and write specific articles related to your niche. Start an online business, start a blog, start a review page, it is entirely up to you at this point. Here is the truly exciting part, this entire process is free to you!

You Have Your Website Up And Running … Now What?

The answer to this question really comes down to a personal preference. Many individuals enjoy the writing process, and use their websitequestion mark as a way to provide information to their readers. By owning their own website they can literally reach thousands of individuals who share a common interest (Niche). Through this process the website owner (you) and your readers can share ideas and provide feedback to one another regarding the content.


Many individuals will also use their website as a business. This is accomplished by generating an income by offering your readers a product or perhaps a service that provides value. For example, let’s say that you have a hobby in woodworking. You enjoy building picnic tables in your garage and have become quite good at it. In this scenario, you may consider showing samples of  these tables on your website and put a price tag on them. You now have a business!


Still Not Sure You Can Do This? … Just Follow Along (Dummy) 

Please take no offense to the word ‘dummy’ as I am a proud member of this group as well. I’m betting that I probably knew less than most of you when I decided to create a website on my own. Let’s recap a little of what was mentioned above and follow the steps I have listed to build your own website. Here we go:

  1. What interests you? What excites you? What do you want to learn more about?  Congratulations, you know have a niche!
  2. Name your website  (Ex: Woodworking With Wally or Sally’s Skin Care Reviews)
  3. Get a domain name (Ex: or )  xxx would be replaced with a .com
  4. Pick out a theme that you like ( hundreds to choose from )
  5. Enter these details ( See the picture above )
  6. Click on the ‘Create My Website’ button
  7. Follow the training that will help in getting your website a professional, authoritative look.
  8. Decide on your purpose ( Business or pleasure )
  9. Provide content that will provide value to your readers ( You become the authority )
  10. Market your brand or website ( SEO) Learn how to drive readers to your site ( Excellent training on this )


Well there you have it, it’s just that easy! I would strongly encourage you to stop trying to figure out everything on your own, this is a site that is here to guide you every step of the way. A few months ago, I would have never believed that I would now have a website of my very own with the lack of knowledge I had pertaining to the building of a website.


Give Yourself A Hand … You Did It!

Thumbs UpYou will find that owning a website has many advantages. First of all, delivering content to your readers as an authority is quite rewarding. You are in control as the website owner, so delivering content associated with your niche is actually quite enjoyable. For those looking to earn some additional income as a business owner, the website can indeed turn into a money making machine if structured correctly.

This platform I found, known as Wealthy Affiliate made this possible for me within a very short time. No stress, no waiting for answers and most importantly, no money out of my wallet. There is an opportunity for you to upgrade to a ‘Premium’ account, but that choice is totally up to you. Do yourself a favor, and click on the link below and set up your free account now. You will discover, like I did, how easy it is to build your very own website in just minutes. You really have nothing to lose.

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I would love to hear about your experience once you have signed up for a free membership and had some time to look around. I think you will truly be impressed with what Wealthy Affiliate offers and the training and support you will receive is second to none.   Feel free to leave me a question below, and I will be glad to answer them in a timely manner.  I would love to know the progress you have made with your website and your overall opinion of Wealthy Affiliate. Best of luck to you!