Blogging For Dummies? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Why does blogging seem to be so difficult for many? This is particularly true for individuals just starting out who in my opinion just lack the essential knowledge when it comes to blogging. As a result, they are a part of that group that is labeled blogging for dummies when it actually really isn’t their fault.

In this article, I will look into the problems and issues facing new bloggers, offer a number of solutions and look at some of the benefits that can be obtained through the creation of a successful blog.

Why Blogging Causes Headaches ( 3 Problems)

  1. A Plan – The biggest problem I see with those attempting to start a blog starts with the planning process. In theory, they have no plan! Without a plan you are basically just throwing darts at the wall and hoping one sticks. This is no way to run a blog and once again puts you in that blogging for dummies category. Let me offer a solution.

Solution – Before you even consider a blog, do yourself a favor and ask this one question: What is the purpose of my blog? Are you using your blog for entertainment purposes, a business, an affiliate or some other reason? Let’s assume you want to start a small online business and have created a blog website to gain some revenue. Great idea!

So you now have a purpose. With your blog, you can hopefully drive traffic (customers) to your site by offering some sort of value to them. This value can come in a manner of a product or service you recommend to these customers and a product or service you offer on your blog. Make sense?

By defining this purpose or plan, you now have made the task of blogging much easier. In the example I used above you can now explain to your readers the benefits of the product or service for sale. Using your blog, you can explain how this product has helped you, detail the pros and cons, and give an overall truthful summary review on this product or service.

writer's block


Problem 2 – Any blogger, experienced or new will tell you at some time they have encountered writer’s block. It happens to the best of us! Nothing is worse than sitting down in front of your computer, putting your fingers on the keyboard and … nothing! Extremely frustrating.

Solution – In my opinion, the old writer’s block scenario can be avoided before we ever put our fingertips to the keyboard. Successful bloggers will do extensive research on what it is they are about to blog on and take additional notes with their research.

As a result of this technique, these notes taken from research can be used as a foundation in writing a blog article. You now have a system of reference (notes) that will create easy flowing content on your blog. In essence, you have eliminated the writer’s block by doing some research before the actual writing process takes place.

nicheAlong these same lines, many bloggers will center their attention around one specific niche. Let’s use sunglasses as a niche. When blogging about sunglasses, I would recommend that you narrow this niche down a bit.

Sunglasses is just too broad. Instead, blog about one specific brand or one that you have personally owned. You will find that writing content becomes much more easier in this format.

Problem 3 – Let’s face it, writing a blog can be time-consuming. With all of the surrounding distractions including cell phones, kids, and pets it can become difficult to find time to sit down and work on your blog.

Solution – One of the things that I would suggest is that you actually schedule a day or days of the week and a specific time to work on your blog. I know this sounds easier than it actually may be, but it does give you a concrete plan. For example, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 11 AM I will work on my blog.

During this time, eliminate all distractions. Turn off the cell phone, the television and focus solely on what needs to be done with your blog. Focus strictly on your blog, nothing else.

How To Blog … What You Should Know


Make sure you do your fair share of research within your desired niche when first starting a blog. Nothing will lose credibility faster than writing about something that you have fabricated or made up. Your readers will pick up on this very quickly and will most likely never return to your blog.

If you are using your blog as a business, it would be wise on your part to check out your competitors websites, and see what they are doing to get ideas for your own site. Never copy or use their content but rather gain ideas that you may choose to use with your own blog.


One of, if not the most important components of research has to do with the selection of keywords. Having the appropriate keywords will be key in getting readers to your blog. Keywords are the words that individuals will type in their browser to find specific information in what they are looking for. Here is an example of this:

Let’s say someone is looking for electric razors for men.

  • They go to the Google Browser Bar and type in: electric razors for men and press enter on their computer
  • Google now generates a large number of results that contain the words ‘electric razors for men’
  • If you have used ‘electric razors for men’ as your keyword phrase, then your site will be listed in these results
  • Your hope is that your site will appear on the first page of these results but that may take some time and SEO work

There are a number of keyword tools that are free to use where you easily find with a Google search.


Blog Layout


Don’t overlook the importance of this item. Your blog should be appealing to your readers, something that has a good flow to it and is easy on the eye. Many individuals are visual by nature and a blog that is created with flowing content and well-placed imagery will go a long way in getting readers to your site.

Choose a theme that best represents the purpose of your blog. There are thousands to choose from so take your time before deciding which one best suits your needs. I am a big fan of the WordPress themes which are quite easy to install and offers plenty of options.

Use titles, lists, images and smaller paragraphs when creating content on your blog. These tactics will provide readers with a pleasant experience when viewing your blog and increase the odds that they will come back time and time again. Stay away from the gigantic headers, fancy sliders, colorful backgrounds and long paragraphs, as these things may actually keep readers away.


The goal of your written content should always be focused on the concept of providing value to your readers. Help them solve a problem that they may have. You may want to design and format your blog in the following manner: Identify the problem, offer a solution, and suggest the benefits of this solution. Here’s an example:

Problem: Dog Obesity

Solution: Recommend a dog food or dog food brand that has fewer calories

Benefits: Dog loses weight and enjoys a more energetic, healthier lifestyle


Submitting/Publishing Your Blog


Okay, you have done your research, chosen a theme, and written content that provides value to potential readers. Now what? The next step is to submit or publish your blog to the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) to get your blog live on the internet.

Where and when your blog site appears in these search engines depends on a number of factors. In most cases, it will take some time before your site appears on the top few pages within these search engines. It comes down to SEO, using appropriate keywords, and whether Google recognizes your blog as one of authority and one that can be trusted.

Remember this, content is and will always be the important factor in getting ranked within the search engines. The more content you produce on your blog, as long as it provides value to your readers, the faster your site will rank. Without great content, you are fighting a losing battle.

Benefits Of Doing A Blog The Right Way



If done correctly, and by following these steps I mentioned above, your blog can be successful in a number of ways. As stated many times throughout this article, the key is bringing value to your potential readers and customers. With that said, let’s look at some of the benefits associated with a blog. – Helping others

  • Helping others – This is the human element, feel good about yourself type of thing. I would hope we all like the idea of helping others and a blog is a great way to do that. What better way than to solve a problem for them? As an bonus you can assist hundreds if not thousands individuals looking for a solution to the same problem.


  • Trust and Authority – As your blog grows and becomes more popular within the search engines, you will gain trust with your readers and be looked at as an authority within your niche. As a result the traffic to your site will continue to grow putting you in a great position to find success.


  • Income – If you are one of those looking to start an online business website (blog), the ability to generate revenue is definitely obtainable. Use the method of providing content that solves a problem to your readers and be truthful regarding the product or service you are offering. Gain their trust and increase the odds of financial gains.


Blogging for dummies doesn’t have to be a difficult task if you are willing to design and follow a specific plan put in place. In this article, I have offered a number of steps that will hopefully be beneficial to you in research, design, content and other elements of your blog.

A successful blog doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work. It takes commitment. The rewards, however can be huge and give you a great sense of accomplishment. It gives you the freedom to choose what you want to write about, when you want to write and how much time you are willing to give to the process.

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Please don’t hesitate to ask me any question you may have, I would love to help! I wish you the very best with your blog and I truly hope you have a great level of success.

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