Part Time Work Online

part time online workFinding part time work online is becoming more and more popular with individuals looking to add an additional income source to their households. Unfortunately, this idea can quickly lead to disappointment as the internet is full of scams that only produce little to no financial results.

In this article, I will provide you with a number of legitimate part time online opportunities that may appeal to you. Hopefully, one of these methods will be of interest to you and one that you may want to consider.

Everyone Could Use A Bit More

Nobody – be it a student, a full-time worker, a part-time worker, or a full housewife – is allergic to extra income. In fact, we all need extra income. The main challenge is not that of lack of want, but how to combine the activities that will fetch this extra income without jeopardizing our primary responsibilities or jobs.

This is the purpose of writing this piece, to show you how you can supplement your income through online platforms. Note that one certain means of becoming rich is having multiple sources of income. You can make money online, thus multiplying your streams of income.

A Few Advantages Of Working Part-Time Online

One key advantage of making money through online platforms is that you part time onlinecan work from the comfort of your room, no office is necessary, and you still make good money, without the cost of rent or office equipment. This could be done during free time or at leisure. This makes it suitable for housewives, students, the unemployed and workers in general. It is also very flexible; one could work in the middle of the night or at any convenient time.

Also, making money online involves no capital investment. You can make money online with zero capital. There is no fear of capital loss or economic uncertainties. You don’t need to borrow, neither do you need to fear that you will lose your capital with all of the scams out there
Below are the various means/jobs you can do from the comfort of your home to make money online:

Part Time Work Online … All From Home


Here you are required to convert speech into electronics or written documents. The transcription involved could be anything – audio to an electronic file, medical, legal, meetings, and more. At times you may have to provide a background for the subject. This helps in transcribing the speech. Competence at both spoken and written the language is necessary.


translateFor those with expertise for more than one language, this is the ideal job for them. Can you read and write in French, Portuguese, Spanish or even Swahili? Then, this is the opportunity to put your linguistic expertise to test. It is primarily a work from home opportunity where you are required to translate emails, documents, books, or other texts in many different languages. As regards time frame for each work, it will depend on the nature of job involved. For instance, translating a book could take months to complete. Proficiency in different languages is required.


There are good opportunities here for both beginners and experienced graphic designers. There are several of these opportunities online; these include designing graphics such as logos and animations. The job listing usually carries the experience needed. You can even download graphics applications from the internet free of cost.


Online data entry jobs require some experience and good computer skills. You need to remain well organized to excel in this job. Also, meeting the deadlines is of the essence. It is flexible regarding work timings, night or day shifts, part-time or full time. There are quite a lot of companies out there looking for your expertise.


Becoming a blogger has gain popularity over the years, and continues to bloggain steam for those looking for part time work online. This type of work is something that I am currently involved with and one that is paying dividends.

When I first considered blogging as an option, I had no experience in writing or any skills in technology. How do you start a blog, build a website, what to write about were all questions that I had. With further research, I found a platform that gave me the answer to these questions.

The platform I am speaking of is named Wealthy Affiliate and one of the few legitimate sites you will find online. The resources they provide made it possible to start my own blog despite my shortcomings as I mentioned above. This article you are currently reading is a part of my blog.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership to get you started and provides you with all of the easy following training you will need to be successful. If blogging is something you may be considering then click here to get started with Wealthy Affiliate.

A Bit Of Advice

adviceWith so many different ways to make money online, I would suggest that you choose one that interests you. Too often, individuals will try to ‘dabble’ in a number at one time, and the results are less than positive.

Become an expert in one method, and you will find that companies will come looking for you! Stay away from platforms that guarantee you overnight success by simply clicking on a magical button or any other gimmick out there. To be successful requires a bit of work and effort on your part, there are no shortcuts!


Is it possible to find part time online work that is legitimate and can actually produce a nice income stream? Yes. I have given you five types of online work that will do just this.

Of these, I am quite familiar with the concept of blogging as it gives you a great deal of ownership. You decide what it is you want to write about and how much time you are willing to give to this endeavor.

Don’t let the fear of inexperience stop you from considering one of these methods. As mentioned earlier, I didn’t know the first thing about blogging or setting up a website until I found Wealthy Affiliate.

For those looking to make money part time online, and have interest in starting your very own blog, simply click on the banner below to get started with Wealthy Affiliate. As a free member, you will be provided with all of the resources you need to get started.


Can I Make Money Online? | Yes, But Only If …..

I get asked this very question quite often, and I always answer it in the same way. “Yes, but only if …,”! More on the ‘if’ a little later, but the truth of the matter is that there is money to be made online and there are tons of people doing it each and every day of the week.

In this article I will show you why individuals fail at making money online, and explain the ‘if’ in further detail. As a result, I hope you will get a better understanding of what it takes to make money online, show you how to get started and make you feel more confident in answering the question, “Can I make money online?”

Making Money Online … Why Most Fail!

You must understand that making money online will take time. It won’t happen overnight and no, there is no magic push button or secret formulas out there, regardless of what you see or hear. Individuals fail in their attempt to make money online for a number of reasons which are listed below.

1.) Lack of training and support

2.) No real plan (Business or marketing)

3.) Lack of discipline and effort

4.) Fear of failure

5.) Patience

6.) Lack of research

Let’s take a closer look at these issues and render a solution to each one.

Problem 1 – Lack of Training and Support

Unfortunately, too many of us just jump on the internet thinking that making money online will be a simple process. Think about it this way: Would you want a surgeon operating on your knee who had no prior training or support? Of course not, and you must think the same way if you hope to be successful in making money online.


To generate online income we need training that shows us how to start, where to start, and one that offers a simple process that will give us a solid foundation. Having someone there who can answer our questions in a timely manner is just as important as there will be times when we can use a little support.

Problem 2 – No Real Plan

This problem can also be seen as a by-product of training but in a different sort of way. What is your plan to make money online? Without one, you will just continue to throw things against a wall and hoping one sticks. Do you plan on making money within a couple of hours? A month? Are you going to sell a product or service online? Where do you plan on finding buyers? Without a plan, finding answers to these questions is nearly impossible.


Devise a business plan that suits your needs or interests and determine what it is that you wish to achieve. You can’t go into making money online with both eyes shut. Here are a few questions to consider when devising a good plan:

  • Determine how you plan on making money online (Affiliate, Taking Surveys, Freelance Writer, Ebay, Amazon, etc.)
  • Conduct a thorough research of your product, service or intended source of revenue. Who is your competition?
  • Marketing plan (How are you going to market your brand? How are you going to get customers to your site?)
  • How many hours a day/week can you commit to working online?
  • Do you have a website?

When you can answer these questions with a high degree of certainty, you are on your own way to having a good plan put into place.

Problem 3 – Lack of Discipline and Effort

Too many individuals looking to make money online lose focus, and get distracted with other things that will have a direct impact on their online success. They find ‘other’ things to do and don’t put in the effort required to make money online and eventually step away completely.


This really is a solution based entirely on you. Devote a specific amount of hours a day/week to your money making endeavor and avoid all other distractions. Turn the phone, TV and other devices off, and commit those designed hours strictly to your online tasks without interruption.

Problem 4 – Fear of Failure

You can find plenty of information on the internet stating that making money online is almost impossible to accomplish. It’s only for those who have great computer skills or those you have money to have others do their work for them. As a result, individuals obtain the mindset that they can’t do it either. They will eventually quit and move on to something else.


Don’t listen to this noise! Stay away from the thousands of online ‘scams’ and concentrate on your business and marketing plan. Just know that there will still be a few hurdles along the way and resist the temptation of just giving up. Stay focused and knock down those hurdles!

Problem 5 – Patience

Very few, if any, will start making money online overnight. It just doesn’t happen that way! There are no magic buttons out there that will deposit thousands of dollars into your savings account within hours. Follow your plan, do the work and be patient!


Don’t expect a huge windfall of money within a day or two. Just know that the work you are putting into your online endeavor will pay dividends down the road. It truly is a marathon and not a sprint!

Problem 6 – Lack of Research

I briefly touched on this earlier but I wanted to detail this a bit further. Research is probably the biggest factor in determining your level of online success and one that most simply don’t put enough effort into. Let me expand on this by giving you an example:

Let’s assume that you have decided to make money online as an affiliate selling a particular product. Do you know if this product is selling? Is there a market for it? Are others selling the same product, and if they are, how strong is your competition? Without research, you are dead in the water?


Do the research! With the internet, you can find out just about anything you need to know with a few simple clicks of your mouse. Research your product in great detail, explore your competition and make an intelligent decision based on these facts. Research and research some more!

Can I Make Money Online? … Here Comes The ‘IF’

I mentioned this is the title of this article and you may be wondering what this ‘if’ is all about. The answer to this is actually contained in the information you have just read. To clear this up for you, I will list the ‘ifs’ below to demonstrate what it takes to make money online:

You will make money online, IF …

  • You have devised a good business and marketing plan
  • You have the proper training and support
  • You know how and what to research
  • You are committed to do the work
  • You are willing to find solutions to problems you may encounter
  • You are patient and not expect overnight success

Conquer these items, you have a real chance at making money online. For those of you that need further assistance in getting started, I have found a platform that is second to none in my opinion. The name of this platform is called Wealthy Affiliate and they will provide you with everything you need to have success online.

Wealthy Affiliate … What They Can Do For You!

First of all, Wealthy Affiliate is a program that will supply you with numerous tools to assist you in your desire to make money online. They have thousands upon thousands of members who take advantage of these tools by applying them to their own needs.

The answers to the ‘IF’ questions that were discussed earlier, can all be answered in positive light by following and using the tools that Wealthy Affiliate offers. Let’s take a look at what Wealthy Affiliate offers:

1.) Free Membership

2.) Two Free Websites (Wealthy Affiliate will create these for you)

3.) Training (Beginners courses)

4.) Support

5.) Research Tools

6.) Video Training

As you can see, a big chunk of the ‘ifs’ are eliminated with the Wealthy Affiliate program. I can honestly tell you that I am a member myself, and my success can be directly attributed to Wealthy Affiliate.


my imageI hope this article has enabled you to answer the question, “Can I make money online?” with much more conviction than you previously had. There are thousands of individuals making money online as I write this article and many are now working online as their full time job.

It will take work, commitment and patience which are all things that are under your control. Lean on Wealthy Affiliate for the best training available online and stick to your plan! I wish you great success with your online venture and if I can help in any way, please leave a comment below. Thanks for visiting!


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What Is An Amazon Associate?


I’m sure all of you have heard of Amazon and I would bet that many of you have purchased something from this site at one time or another. Others are using this site as an associate (affiliate) by selling Amazon products through a number of marketing strategies and do quite well for themselves. So, what is an Amazon associate and how does this whole process take place?

In this article, I will take a look at this process, and show you the steps to follow to become an associate.

Amazon Affiliates … Did You Know?

As most of you realize, Amazon has been around for a very long time and affiliatethe associate program has been as well. In fact, the Amazon Associate program began in 1996 and continues to grow in popularity among affiliate marketers worldwide. Here are some basic facts associated with Amazon and their associates program.

1.) Amazon is a trusted and recognizable brand

2.) There are literally thousands and thousands of Amazon products that you can choose to promote and sell

3.) Free to join as an associate (affiliate) (You must, however, be approved and should have a website in place)   Click here to join.

4.) Amazon is a billion dollar industry

5.) Millions of people are currently Amazon affiliates

6. ) You must make at least one sale within a 90 day period to keep your associate’s account active

7.) You can receive payment in three different ways (Direct Deposit, Gift Certificate, Check)

8.) New products are listed with Amazon almost daily

These are just a few items associated with Amazon and its associate program for you to consider. As you can see from the eight items mentioned above, it is truly a reputable industry that is now common place in most homes today.

What Is An Amazon Affiliate And How Do They Make Money?

In its simplest form, an Amazon affiliate is an individual who chooses a product that Amazon makes available and then markets and promotes this product to make sales and earn a commission. With the huge number of products offered through Amazon, finding a product to do this should not be an issue.

Before you decide on a product, there are a few things that you should have in place. Let’s take a look at these now and learn how to design a plan that will put you in a much better position to succeed. These are basically the same steps used by the majority of Amazon affiliates who are finding success. Here we go:

  • Creating A Website (Blog) To Market Their Amazon Product
  • Pick A Niche (Choose An Amazon Product To Market Within This Niche)
  • Research
  • A Marketing Plan (Getting Potential Buyers To Your Product)

Let’s now examine each of these items mentioned above with further detail so you will grasp the significance of each.

Creating A Website (Blog)

In order to have success online as an affiliate, you must have your very own blog website. By doing so, you now have the luxury of promoting your product in a variety of ways. The main objective is getting traffic to your blog website and in front of the product(s) you are marketing.

For those who don’t have a website and don’t know a thing about building one of your own, I found a platform that will do this for you. It is called Wealthy Affiliate who offers a free membership that will create two websites for you at no cost. The only requirement from you is to give your blog website a title and a domain name. See below:

Can you see how simple this is? Once you have entered these two simple details, Wealthy Affiliate will create your website in less than thirty seconds. No experience or computer skills are necessary to get your website created.

Pick A Niche

When we talk about a niche, we are referring to a specific interest you may have regarding a subject, topic or product. What makes this so appealing to affiliates is the fact that they are not alone in this interest. Let’s use an example to clarify this further: You have a real interest in skin care and have possibly tried a number of products to enhance the look of your skin.

Do you really think you are the only one with this same interest? Absolutely not! Here comes the exciting part. With your brand new blog website that you had created through Wealthy Affiliate, you can now leverage your website by reviewing a number of products you have personally used to market these products and hopefully make some sales.

Through your website, you now have the capability of drawing a group of people (customers) to your site who are interested in what you have to say and what you have to sale. There are still a number of items to consider before jumping in with your skin care products so let’s take a look at these now.

Research                                                                                                                                           Okay, we have determined that skin care is going to be our niche as an Amazon Associate. As an an Amazon Associate, you certainly would be able to find hundreds of products to market within the skin care industry. Which one of these skin care products should you choose to market and make sales? This requires research on your part to determine the following items:

  • Is there a market for your product? (Are individuals actually purchasing the product you have chosen to market?)
  • Competition (How many others are also selling your item of choice?)
  • Commission (Is it truly worth marketing?)

Marketing Plan

Once you have decided on a product to sell, you should have a marketing plan put into place. In otherwords, how do you plan on getting potential customers in front of your product? Here is a list of some popular methods to do so.

  • Your Blog Website (Writing good content that provides value to your readers – reviews, recommendations, etc.)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst, Google Plus, etc.)
  • Paid Advertising

Amazon Tools To Help You Succeed … Easy And Free To Use

There are a number of tools (mostly free) that you can find online that can play a major role in your success. Most of these tools are specifically designed with Amazon in mind and catered to those interested in becoming an Amazon Associate. This will pay huge dividends in your research efforts as well as eliminating any guesswork on your part. Here is a list of those tools:

1.) Amazon Best Seller List – This will actually give you a look at products that are considered to be the best sellers within a given category or niche. You can find this data by clicking here. Look below for a small sample of what you will find.

As you can see, there is quite a significant amount of data you can retrieve from this site. Not only can you see which products are doiing well, but it also gives you a product rating with stars along with the number of customer reviews. Another great feature of this site is the break down into sub-categories. Let me explain. Using our skin care example once again, take a look at the image below to illustrate my point.

Okay, as you can see we are in the skin care niche. The image shows you the top three best seller products within this niche. Now, take a look at the items to the left of these products under the words ‘Skin Care.’ The items Face, Eyes, Lip Care, Body, etc. are known as sub-categories. Why is this significant? Competition!


Now, i would bet you that the number one product listed above (Indian Healing Clay) has a lot of Amazon Associates marketing it. Why is this important to you? It is basically saying that this product is indeed a very popular Amazon product and is a best seller. That’s the good news. Here comes the bad: In order for you to be successful in selling this product yourself, you must beat out a large number of competitors. This may be a difficult task!

2.) Customer Reviews – If you are like most, reading customer reviews before purchasing a product is a wise thing to do. When choosing a product from Amazon make sure to read these customer reviews pertaining to this product. You can be assured that potential buyers that come to your website will read the customer reviews before purchasing the product.

Stay away from products with negative reviews as these will be much more difficult to sell. If you look at the Indian Healing Clay product, you will see that 13,282 have actually bought and used this product as well as offering a review. No, I am not suggesting you read the entire 13,282 reviews but at least look through a few to get a real feel of what these customers are saying.

One more tip regarding customer reviews. Try to find (research) a product that has 40 to 60 reviews but seems to be one that is selling quite nicely. Why? Once again, competition! You will have a much better chance of obtaining sales with a product in the 40 to 60 range of customer reviews as long as it is a product of quality.

3.) Your Amazon Affiliate Link – What is an affiliate link? This is a link that Amazon will provide you that will be totally unique to you and noone else. When you have decided on an Amazon product to market, an affiliate link will be provided that you will use to promote your product. It will look something like this:

Notice the ‘Get link’content on the far right side. Clicking on this will produce your affiliate link that you can use to promote the Indian Healing Clay product. Placing this affiliate link on your blog website is just one of the ways you can use this link to market your product and make sales. Amazon will keep track of all sales you make with this affiliate link.

4,) Images –  Another great feature of Amazon is that will also provide you with an image of the product that you have chosen to market. This is especially beneficial for those with their own website as potential buyers will be drawn to the product image. It’s just another way for your blog to appeal with your readers.    

Making Money As An Amazon Affiliate … The Process

I have given you the information needed to get started as an Amazon Asociate and provided you with some tools that will be quite beneficial. If you take a look at the image below, you can see what the affiliate process looks like.


Let’s take a look at the image and further break it down one step at a time. In doing so, I will provide you with insight and offer a solution to what you need to have in place to complete this process. It is a ‘rinse and repeat process that many Amazon affiliates use to make a substantial amount of money. You now have an Amazon affiliate business!

1.) Customer – Look at your customer as someone who has found your blog website through a search (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and is looking for information regarding the product you have for sale. If I was searching for ‘Skin Care Product Reviews’ and entered these keywords into my browser, I may end up on your site.

I am looking for a review, something that provides information and value to me, and that is why the content you place on your blog is so critical. Creating a website that delivers value will keep your readers (potential buyers) coming back to your site over and over again. You have gained their trust, and have increased the percentages of you making money significantly.

2.) Your Site (Website) – As I mentioned earlier, this is so important when it comes down to your success as Amazon affiliate. A website of your own allows you to market your product by providing information to your readers that will look at you as an authority and someone who can be trusted. Two essential factors that will lead to online success.

Don’t have a website? You don’t have the money to have someone build one for you? No problem, Wealthy Affiliate will create a website for you without any money leaving your pocket! This very article you are reading right now is a product of Wealthy Affiliate. Free to join, free to have a website created for you!

3.) Buying Customers–  Okay, let’s assume you now have your website and provided good, quality content to your customers. You are now trusted as an authority and you have gained trust with your customers by providing information that has provoked them to buy from you. Here comes the money!!!

Do you see the beauty in this? By following this process, you now have the option to market other Amazon products and simply repeat this process over and over again. You have now built an online business that will provide you a nice revenue month after month.


I certainly hope this article has given you a better understanding of affilate marketing and what it requires to be a successful Amazon Associate. As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of money to be made through Amazon and I have outlined the process that it requires to do so.

Find something that interests you (niche), do your research, select a product, and market this product in a manner that best suits you. This is your framework to follow and please put some time and effort in each phase. Check out your competition through research and choose a product that will appeal to your readers and one that is selling well.

Finally, I can’t express enough the importance of owning your own website. This is not to say that you won’t find success by using your affiliate link within social media outlets or through paid advertising sites. In my opinion, it is more difficult to achieve a level of success through these methods.

I hope I have answered the question of ‘What Is An Amazon Affiliate?’ and provided you further insight into this concept. Good luck to you and I wish you the best as an Amazon Associate. Please feel free to leave me a question or ask a question and I will get back to you in short time.

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How To Pay Off A Mortgage Early

How much easier would your life be without that mortgage payment hanging over your head month after month? If you are like most, this single payment will be the largest expense you dish out on a monthly basis. Thirty, twenty-five, twenty year loans that just seem to have no end!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the opportunity and means to pay off this loan or at least put a major dent in the balance owed? In this article, I will show you how to pay off a mortgage early and do so without ever leaving your home. You can still keep your full-time job while earning additional income from home.

Paying Your Mortgage Off Early … One Common Thread

Although this article pertains to a specific source in generating additional income, there are a few ways that home-owners have used to reduce or pay off their mortgages. These methods are indeed popular with many home-owners and definitely something to consider. Here they are:

  • Paying a bit more each month (Ex: Monthly Mortgage Amount is $1,500 – You pay $1,600)
  • Making an extra monthly payment during each calendar year (You make 13 payments instead of 12)
  • Refinance (Refinance a 30-year loan to a 15-year loan at a lower interest rate)

There are a number of details associated with all three of these methods, but the one common thread in all is money. Does your budget allow you to pay a little more each month? Extra payment once a year? If not, your only choice in achieving your goal is through the generation of additional income.

Paying It Off Early … The Big 3

1.) Paying A Little More Each Month – If you have the funds available, this is a great way to reduce the number of years you have on your loan. According to a source known as Mortgage Calculator, if you could pay $100 more on top of your normal mortgage loan you would see these results. By adding $100 each month with a thirty-year loan, you can now have this loan paid off in 24 years. A savings of six years. Nice!

2.) Making An Extra Payment Each Year – The same scenario holds true as the example used above with one major difference. Interest! By making an extra payment within a twelve-month period will save you a great deal of money paid out through interest. In addition, you will also cut a thirty-year mortgage down to twenty-four years.

3.) Refinance – This is a wise choice for two very important reasons. First of all, refinancing your home can lower the number of years that you owe on the loan. Refinancing your home loan can take you from twenty to ten years or some other number that reduces the terms of your loan. Another major benefit of refinancing has to do with the interest rate. Catching the interest rate when it has dropped below the rate you are currently paying, can save you thousands of dollars!

It Takes Money! …

As you can see, in order to pay off that mortgage early is going to require some additional income on your part. From our example used above, you can see what an additional $100 a month can do for you. Just imagine what an extra $200 or $300 a month could do?

As I stated earlier, I am going to show you how to pay off a mortgage early and give you a platform to do so without leaving the confines of your living room. This is something that anyone can do and the best part is that it will cost you nothing to get started. Let’s get to it!

moneyI know many of you have tossed around the idea of making money from home and using your computer to do so. If you are like me, you have at the very least conducted some research but just never found something that really was of interest. I spent countless hours of research and spent hundreds of dollars with a number of programs out there that just didn’t work. Let me ask you a few questions that may assist you in your search in finding a way to make money online.

*What are your interests, your passion?
*Would you like to write about these interests?
*How much money do you have to get started?
*Do you have a website? If not, do you know how to create one?
*How much would you like to earn per month?                                                     *Do you have support and training to assist you?                                                         *Is this legitimate?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate And What Can It Do For You?

Now, you may be asking what do all of these questions have to do with paying off your mortgage early? It’s about generating money. It’s about making money to pay a little more each month or making an additional payment once a year. It’s about turning your interests into a money making machine through a website blog that you have complete control over. Are you ready to get started? Let me introduce Wealthy Affiliate to you.

With a blog, you can provide your readers with valuable and detailed information that are interested in what you are writing. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote and make sales with a product within your niche.  Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with all the information needed to get started and put you in a great place to start earning additional income from the luxury of your home.

You can find all the information you need regarding Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here, but I would like to examine the questions I asked of you in the section above, and show you how Wealthy Affiliate can assist you in answering these questions. Here we go:

The Answer To Your Questions …


What Are Your Interests?  Your passion?

This should be an easy question for you to answer as we all have a few things that interests us. Whether it be music, sports, gardening, pets, painting, etc. we all have an interest in something. Wealthy Affiliate labels this interest as a ‘niche’ and one of the first components in making money.

Would You Like To Write About These Interests (Niche)?

If you answered ‘yes’ to this question, then you are on your way to making money online. Wealthy Affiliate will give you specific information on how to write your content as well as the process in getting readers to your site.

How Much Money Do You Need To Get Started?

Absolutely nothing! Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership to join.

Do you have a website? Do you know how to create one?

create a website

If you answered ‘no’ to both questions, no need to worry. Wealthy Affiliate will build you a website for ‘free’ with no strings attached. You don’t need any special skills, as Wealthy Affiliate will actually generate a website in less than 30 seconds.

How much would you like to earn per month?

The amount of money you can make really comes down to how much time you put into your writing. Making an extra $100 per month is quite doable and many individuals are making a full time living through their blog.

Do you have support and training to assist you?

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best training and support available online today. The training is set up in classes that enables you to set up your money making website in the proper manner. The training will walk you through one step to the next with video that is so easy to follow.

Is this legitimate?

Absolutely! Wealthy Affiliate has over 800,000 members which would indicate that this is truly a legitimate program. Individuals throughout the world are members of Wealthy Affiliate and are very successful using this platform.


Think about the freedom of no longer having a mortgage payment month after month, year after year. No more living from paycheck to paycheck and just trying to get by financially. Paying your mortgage off early will free up money to plan another vacation, pay off credit card debt, purchase a new car and so many other things that would bring you happiness.

To do this takes money. The more you have the faster you can pay off that mortgage loan. I gave you a valuable resource in Wealthy Affiliate and one that I highly recommend. It works! It will cost you absolutely nothing to get started and it does produce results. Do yourself a favor, and click on the banner below to get your free membership and get that mortgage paid off early!


How To Create A Business Website For Free | Creating A Website For Your Business

It’s just about impossible to do business today as it was done ten, twenty years ago. With so many people doing their business on the internet these days, business owners have to come to realize that they need to use this platform as well. Failure to do so may just put them out of business completely.

In this article I will show you how to create a business website for free and give you some ideas on how to get readers (potential buyers) to your site. I will also give you a recommendation on a platform that I personally use to promote my business and provide you specific details regarding this platform.

How To Create A Business Website For Free … Two Easy Steps

What if I were to tell you that you could have your own business website up and running by following two simple steps. As a bonus, get this accomplished without one penny leaving your pocket. Whether you are attempting to build an online business for yourself or a mult-level business that employs hundreds of people. It works for both!

Take a look at the two steps below to see how simple this process actually is:

Can you see the simplicity in this? Let’s assume your business in centered around the selling of fitness equipment for women. A domain name for you could be something like fitnessequipentforwomen and the title would be Fitness Equipment For Women. That is all that is required on your part and in less than thirty seconds you will have created your business website for free.

I know what you are thinking. Is this legitimate or is this another piece of crap that will cost me tons of money in the long run? The answer: It is absolutely not a scam and everything I described above is exactly what you will receive. By now, you are probably wandering what the name of this platform is and what is it all about. The name is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find out more about it by clicking here.

Other Free Features To Build Your Business Website

1.) Theme – Selecting a theme (design) for your website should be one that depicts the focus of your business. There are a number of themes (free) that Wealthy Affiliate offers that could offer you exactly what you are looking for. A theme should be one that your customers can easily navigate through and one that is easy on the eyes. Here is a small sample of just a few:

2.) Training – Once you have created your website and have chosen a theme that meets the needs of your business, what comes next? Most people, especially those just starting out online will need some help designing their website. Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with easy to understand training (free) that will make the setup process a breeze.

The training is designed to assist business owners who may be making their first attempt in setting up a website and may need some help and support along the way. The training covers everything you will need to know in getting your business website up and running. Here is a sample of the extensive training you will receive:

3.) Keyword Searches – Let’s go back to our original example and assume that your business centers around products related to Fitness Equipment For Women. You have created your business website, displayed your products, and listed prices for each. Where are your customers?

Potential buyers will not be able to find your website unless you have chosen some quality keywords to direct them to your site. Keywords are those words that someone would type in their search bar looking for something specific or looking to find information. Here is an example of a keyword search for someone interested in basketball.


In our Fitness Equipment For Women example, we are researching keywords that pertain to this product. There is excellent training provided inside Wealthy Affiliate on how to effectively find keywords that potential buyers use in their searches. Jaxxy is a keyword tool that is free to use that will help you find great keywords that are less competitive and drive buyers right to your business website.

One you have completed the three steps or processes mentioned above, the site is now ready for you, as a business owner, to place content in a manner that best fits the needs of your business. As your business website matures, you will gain momentum and see your online traffic increase to your site.


I hope this article has given you a little better clarity and understanding in what it tales to create a business website for free. You will find it less than difficult to locate online platforms that will be happy to build a website for you. Just be careful! There are a lot of scams out there and the ones that aren’t may charge you a pretty penny to build your website.

I have mentioned Wealthy Affiliate a number of times throughout this article for good reason. They are truly a legitimate platform that build your business website for free, provide an excellent source of training and support, and guide you through the process of creating a successful online website. All of this for FREE!

It takes no special skills or computer design expertise to create a business website. Wealthy Affiliate, as described above, takes care of all of this for you. It won’t take days, hours or weeks to get your site up and running as your site will be generated in just seconds.

I wish you the best in your business endeavors and I truly hope the information contained in this article will help you to achieve your goals as a business owner. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance by leaving a comment below and be sure to click the banner below.




Part Time Online Jobs | Part Time Home Based Jobs

online part time jobs


Look, most of us are always looking for a way to generate additional income for a number of reasons. Paying for a vacation, reducing credit card debt, replacing a worn out carpet, putting in a swimming pool, braces for the kids, the list goes on and on!

Unless you are independently wealthy, most full time jobs just doesn’t seem to bring in enough income to address our financial concerns. Many individuals in this scenario, have looked into part time online jobs to put more money in their pockets and live the lifestyle they deserve.

In this article, I will give  you one of the best online resources to use, and one that you can perform from the luxury of your own home.  I will show you the simple process in getting started, and the steps to take in making money on a part time basis.

Part Time Online Jobs … Why Most Fail

to do listLet’s start with an honest truth. Most people attempting to make money online will fail to do so. This applies to both the part time and full time  jobs that can be found online. Why is this?

Well, there a number of reasons that unfortunately leads to these failures that I would like to address below. Although not an entirely inclusive list, these items will definitely be major culprits to your online success.

  1. A Plan – Too often, individuals attempting part time online jobs, have not devised a plan to create success. They simply jump in with both feet without a plan put in place.
  2. Research – What do you plan on doing to make money online part time? What is required of you to do so? Are others successful in doing the same thing? Is there a cost to you involved? These are all questions that will require some degree of research on your part before you take on this venture.
  3. Commitment – More directly, lack of. To be successful, it will take a level of commitment on your part to generate income. Working at your part time job will take more than an hour or two each week.
  4. Lack of Patience – Making money online will take some time, very few if any ever make money overnight. It just doesn’t happen this way!
  5. Support and Training – Individuals looking to make money online part time or full time, at some point will need a little help. Unfortunately, they are unable to find the proper support and training needed, and attempt to solve issues on their own. A recipe for failure!
  6. Negative Mindset and Suspicion – Because the number of failures associated with making money online is relatively high, individuals start out on this venture believing they will fail as well. They are doomed with this type of mindset and any level of success will be minimal.
  7. Competition – You aren’t the only one on the internet looking to make money part time. There is and will always be competition in any form of making money online.

Any of these components or a combination of a few, will certainly limit your chances at success, so let’s look at a few solutions to these issues.

Give Yourself A Fighting Chance … Tips To Success!

Let’s take a further look at some of the items mentioned above and give you a concrete plan to overcome these issues and hopefully start you on the right track in generating a nice part time online income.

A Plan

In designing a solid plan, you must first consider a number of things before you begin your journey with making money online. I have created a plan below that you may want to consider to ensure some level of success.

Decide on ‘how’ you plan on making money online. Are you going to sell something, write as a freelancer, submit surveys, provide a service? Make this the very first part of your plan. Be specific, don’t just generalize.


Okay, you have decided on ‘how’ you plan on making a little money online, so what comes next? Step 2: Research! Without it, you are dead in the water. Let’s say that you have decided to work part time online as an affiliate marketer and make some commissions by marketing a specific product.

Through research, you should find answers to the following questions before starting your task as an affiliate marketer. Find answers to the following questions:


  • Does the product you are selling have a market? If not, do further research.
  • What is your competition? Tough to make money in a competitive market.
  • What is your commission? Is it worth your time and effort to promote something that offers very little commission?
  • How do you plan on marketing your product?  Blog, PPC,  Social Media?
  • How much money do you have to invest in your plan, process?
  • How much time can you commit to this endeavor?
  • Where can you go for help, support and training?
  • How are you going to get started?

When you have answered  these questions with certainty, you have taken a giant step in giving yourself a very good chance at success. You will also have eliminated the fear of failure which enables you to proceed on your quest to making money part time with confidence.

Training and Support

Making a good amount of money online whether part time or full time, is difficult to do unless you have some form of training and support put in place. Even the most experienced individuals pursuing financial success will need both at some time in their journey.

Let me introduce Wealthy Affiliate to you, that provides both training and support that will only enhance your chances at success. I really didn’t have much knowledge when I entered this endeavor, so I knew I needed some help along the way. Wealthy Affiliate delivered in a big way!

The Wealthy Affiliate platform and training is designed to give you the best training possible, and do so in a manner that is so easy to understand. The training is broken down into lessons that enables you to learn very quickly. Take a look below and you will see what I am pointing out to you:


Keep in mind that this training is focused on the affiliate marketing side of things, but is also a tremendous resource in any form of online jobs. You will be amazed at just how fast you are able to grasp things and apply it to your own online job. Best of all it’s free!

online training


Types of Online Jobs (Part Time)

In a recent article I wrote, I took a look at several types of online jobs ( full time and part time) that you may want to consider. Simply click here to view that article and gain further insight pertaining to these jobs. Here are a few of those listed below for your convenience.

  1.  Freelance Writing
  2. Paid Surveys
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Proofreader
  5. Blogger
  6. Online Tutor
  7. Customer Service

Let’s take a look at these seven items in a little more detail:

magnifying glass

Freelance Writing – Do you like to write and have decent grammar skills? If so, there are a number of companies, businesses or individuals looking for your services. These are considered to be clients or in simpler terms, your boss.

Clients will hire you to complete a written task for them and then pay you once the assignment has been completed. As a freelance writer, you may have a different client for each day or go into a contract that will pay you over a period of extended time.

You may be asked to write a magazine article, a document, provide social media content, etc. You decide which type of writing you are comfortable with and seek jobs in that area. Part time or full time.

surveyPaid Surveys – If you are someone who likes to take surveys  then finding part time online work in this area should not be an issue. There are hundreds of sites that you can find to take surveys.

This method of making money is probably my least favorite out of the whole bunch for one major reason. The pay! You will have to spend a great deal of time taking surveys to generate a decent amount of money.

There are a lot of survey scams out there so be careful! Swagbucks would be one that I would recommend if this is something that interests you. They are legitimate and very popular with individuals worldwide.

 Affiliate Marketing – As an affiliate marketer you have the freedom to choose and research the product of your choice. I am able to work as an affiliate when and where best fits my schedule for the day. The biggest benefit I see is the amount of income that can be generated as an affiliate. In theory, you will be able to grow a business as an affiliate, and receive income month after month!

For those unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, it is a process where you choose a product to sell that doesn’t belong to you, and then receive a commission from the product owner after the sale.  It’s your job as the affiliate marketer to bring traffic (customers) to your blog and promote your product. The process is outlined below:

affiliate marketing

If affiliate marketing is something you have interest in, I would suggest you give Wealthy Affiliate a good look. It is free to join and offers a great commission payout with the best training you will find online.

Proofreader – Another source of income that is available online is that of a proofreader. This is a great way to earn money by reading some form of writing and checking for errors.

This is especially great for those who possess strong grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation skills  who are able to identify errors within the writing content. You may be asked to proofread a college term paper, short story or any other type of document to point out errors.

Blogger – Owning your own blog website gives you a number of ways to blogmake money online. With a blog, you can earn money as an affiliate selling digital and physical products, placing ads on your blog website, and offering a certain type of service to your readers.

There is definitely some work involved with blogging but the effort may be worth it in the long run. A blog can generate a residual income and many individuals now use this vehicle as a full time income.

This very article you are reading right now is part of my own blog. To be honest, I knew nothing about blogging or how to create a blog a few months ago. With the help of Wealthy Affiliate, I now have this blog in place and has helped me to earn some additional money!

Online Tutor – For those with teaching degrees or have skills in a specific area, tutoring online is another way to earn some money online. Depending on your skill set, you can teach kids (K thru 12), college students and adults.

You can pretty much schedule your own hours as long as they are acceptable to your client. English, Math, Spanish, History, Science are just a few of the subjects that you can offer as an online tutor.

Customer Service – If you enjoy working with the public, then finding work as a customer service agent may be something to consider. There are hundreds of companies looking for individuals to assist in the running of their businesses.

Taking calls for support, answering consumer questions, resolved issues, and recording data are just a few of the tasks that may be required of you. Having a nice voice, great communication skills and some basic computer skills are essential to this line of work.




I hope this article has provided you with some further insight in how and what it takes to secure a part time online job. For many, providing a service or services to a specific client seeking assistance has made this a full time job.

Decide which form of online jobs meets your interests, and pursue something in this area. Be sure to do your fair share of research before signing up for a job, and consider signing a contract with your employer to protect yourself.

For those who are interested in starting a blog and perhaps make money as an affiliate, consider Wealthy Affiliate as a great source. They will actually build a free blog website and provide essential training to get started. Simply click on the banner below to get started with your free account.


Please leave me a comment below or ask any question you may have. I will my imageget back to you and provide you with feedback that hopefully will assist you and assist you as you move forward. I wish you the best!





Writing Online | Writing A Blog For Money

Do you have a passion for writing? Would you like to make more money? If you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will show you the benefits of writing online and how anyone, regardless of writing or computer skills, can be successful by writing a blog for money. I will also look at some major concerns facing individuals and provide a solution to these concerns.

Writing Online … Obstacles To Overcome 

What’s stopping you from writing and providing content on a blog? If you are like me, I could answer this question with a number of reasons that I amobstacle sure would be no different than yours. So what are the major obstacles?

1.) No blog or knowledge in building one

2.) Writing, grammar skills are inadequate

3.) No idea what to write about

Though not entirely inclusive, these three obstacles are major concerns of those considering the idea of writing online and specifically those entertaining the idea of writing a blog.

When I first started out as a blogger, these very same concerns kept me away from my keyboard until I decided to face these obstacles head-on and do something about it. In essence, I found a solution to each one of these obstacles which I will provide below.

Writing Online … Solutions

Let me now offer you a few solutions to the the three obstacles mentioned earlier in the article. You may be surprised at how these solutions can be applied and get you started with writing online in just a short time!

1.) No Blog Or Knowledge In Building One


To be honest, I possess very little technology skills or knew nothing when it came to building a website. No idea! Through my research, I found that there are a number of sites that you can find online that will be more than happy to build one for you. At a cost!

I really  wasn’t interested in paying a lot of money to get this done, so I continued my research and came across a program called Wealthy Affiliate. If you are interested in learning more about Wealthy Affiliate, I have created a review post that you can read by clicking here.

One of the things that Wealthy Affiliate offers as a free member is the creation of a blog website that will be built specifically for you. No need to worry if you lack any website creation skills ( I had none) as it is built for you with little to do on your part. Once you enter a few small details, your blog website is generated in less than 30 seconds. See below:

website data

So there you have it, obstacle #1 is taken care of without costing you a dime!

2.) Writing, Grammar Skills Are Inadequate


Do me a favor and go to your search browser and type in any subject of your choice. Scroll down a bit and select a blog pertaining to the topic that you have entered. Read the entire article and count the number of words you see misspelled or other grammar mistakes.

My point? You don’t need to be an excellent writer or have a degree in Journalism to write good blog articles. As long as you are providing quality content to your readers, they will visit your site. This article you are currently reading I’m sure has its share of errors.

Simply write as if you were talking to a friend, without trying to produce content that would resemble a legal document. Nobody wants to read something like this so just write in a natural and friendly manner. Tell a story about something you witnessed, used, or are a part of.

3.) No Idea What To Write About (Solution)

writing tipsAll of us have something in life that peeks our interest. Health, Fitness, News, Sports, Gardening, Cooking, Investing, Games, etc. I could go on and on. Writing about something that interests you or brings you enjoyment will flow naturally which makes writing a much easier task.

I am sports guy, so let’s use baseball for an example. What could I possibly write about regarding baseball? Here is an example: Baseball gloves, baseball bats, baseball hats, baseball spikes, baseball teams, baseball memorabilia, etc. I now have enough topics to write about for some time.

Perhaps you have just purchased a new car. You could always write about your experiences with this new car, and point out what you like about it and what you are unhappy with. A review of this specific car would provide a great deal of information to your readers and help them with making a choice. Good stuff!

Writing A Blog For Money

Now that we have addressed the obstacles involving writing online, why not consider making some money with our writing? Blogging has become very popular with individuals throughout the world and many are doing quite well in generating a nice income from home.

One way to generate money from your blog is serving the role of an affiliate. As an affiliate, you can generate a nice income by promoting, marketing and selling products that you don’t personally own.

By doing so, you can receive a nice commission and actually make this a business for yourself. For those not familiar with this process, Wealthy Affiliate provides excellent training in all aspects of affiliate marketing. Here’s a quick look at how this process works:


In Conclusion

I hope this article has given you some helpful insights to online writing and how it can be quite rewarding. As I mentioned earlier, you don’t need to be an expert writer or possess any special skills to be successful with your blog.

Write about anything you like, and provide information that your readers can use to benefit from. By doing so, your readers will anticipate and look forward to your next article as you continue to gather their trust.

For those of you looking to make money with your blog as an affiliate, there are a number of platforms available to do so. I have written about these platforms in a previous article that you can read by clicking here

I wish you the best with your blog website and feel free to leave a comment below or leave a question. Click on the banner below and see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. I think you will be impressed. See you on the inside!



Make Money Online | Without An Investment

Making money online has become a quite popular endeavor for many individuals throughout the world. Unfortunately, there is one major obstacle that rears its ugly head time after time that stops these individuals dead in their tracks. What obstacle? … Money!

Many, if not most of the online platforms who offer legitimate opportunities for you to make money online, ask you for an investment to join. In some cases, a substantial investment! Sound familiar! In this article I will introduce to you ways of making money online without an investment, provide you with a few resources to do so, and other helpful tips.

Making Money Online Without An Investment Is Doable

Don’t know about you, but when I first started to attempt to make money online, I didn’t have a lot of money to invest into something that I wasn’t even sure was going to work. I was hoping to make money, not give what little I had to somebody else!

no money

Are there other options in making money online without an investment? Short answer is “absolutely,” and I will show you a few different methods to do so that won’t cost you a penny to get started. Here is a list of some of the more popular ways to make money online that are available to you:

1.) Affiliate Marketing – Probably the most popular of making money online without an investment and can be accomplished through a number of platforms that requires no money on your part. Programs such as Amazon, Ebay, Commission Junction and Clickbank are just a few that offer affiliate programs.

survey2.) Paid Surveys – Although it will take some time to earn a good chunk of change in this area, there are a number of sites that will pay you to complete and provide feedback with surveys.

3.) Blogging – Another source to consider when looking to making money online. Very popular with individuals worldwide and can result in a very substantial income. There is work required on your part, but the work you put into your blog will determine the financial success you achieve.

4.) Fiverr – If you possess some special skills such as writing, technology, creating videos, art and other talents you can earn some money online by performing these tasks. Most of the gigs offered on this site are for $5.00 but you may actually ask for more depending on what your customer is asking for.

5.) Freelance Writer – Do you like to write? Companies, business owners and freelanceindividuals are always looking for individuals to write for them. Articles, social media, blogs are just a few of the ways to earn money through the creation of written content.

These are just a few of the methods that will enable you to make money online without an investment. Of the ones mentioned above, Affiliate Marketing and Blogging are two that I would suggest you give further consideration.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the biggest obstacles facing individuals looking to make money online is having something to sell that potential buyers would have interest in. As mentioned earlier, platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Commission Junction, and Clickbank offers you a solution to this problem.

affiliate marketingAs an affiliate, you can select the product or products of your choice and use these products to sell. The amount of money you make is based on the sale of this product and the commission you earn that is provided by the vendor (Amazon, Clickbank, etc.) which supplies the product.


These platforms are free to join as an affiliate and the sign-up process is quick and easy. After the sign-up process is completed, you can now search for a product you wish to market and make sales. You will be provided with an affiliate link that is unique to you that you can now use to market your product.

Although affiliates can join these platforms at no cost, you must also realize that it will take effort on your part to be successful. Many individuals join these affiliate programs with the assumption that they will be making money within hours of joining, which just won’t happen. It will take work on your part but the results can be lucrative.

Let’s take a look at a few of the things you should consider when looking to make money as an affiliate marketer. As I mentioned earlier, a commitment on your part is necessary and you must consider the following tasks as ones that are essential and necessary if you hope to be successful as an affiliate.

Product Selection   

Okay, you have joined one or two affiliate programs and are now deciding on which product to market and earn commissions. I think it is important that you choose a product that you have some interest in or perhaps one that you have actually tried. Seems simple enough, right? Without research, maybe not!


Without doing your fair share of research, the product you choose to market magnifying glassmay yield minimal results. Is there a market for your product? Are there buyers? What is your competition? What type of commission will you receive? The answers to all of these questions can only be found through research, which will pay huge dividends if done correctly.


You have done your research, decided on a product and now what? In order to make money with your product you must have a marketing plan put in place and get potential buyers in front of your product. There are a number of ways to do this including the following:1.) Blogging 2.) Ad Campaigns 3.) SEO 4.) Social Media

Following this process will not guarantee any immediate results, but it will put you in a favorable position to get the results you are looking for. Don’t expect to see immediate results as an affiliate as it will take some time with research, choosing a product and creating a marketing plan.



Once you have chosen a product to sell, blogging is a great way to present your product to your potential buyers. As an affiliate, and through blogging, you can market your product in a number of ways that will bring customers right to your blog and in front of your product.

Don’t have a blog or website? Lack the skills to build one of your own or just don’t have the money to have someone build it for you? You are not alone! Fortunately for you, I have found a program that will actually build your very own website at no cost to you. The name of this program is known as Wealthy Affiliate and one that I belong to as well.

One of the major benefits of owning a blog is the freedom it gives you. Many affiliates who own a blog use this platform to market their product by writing content that will bring some sort of value to their readers. Let’s say that you have chosen to market ‘teeth whitening’ products on your blog. Provide value to your readers by pointing out the pros and cons of the ‘teeth whitening’ product or perhaps write an honest, straightforward review regarding this product.

As I mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate is a program that will build you a blog website at zero cost to you. They will also provide training on the best ways to set up your blog, design your blog, writing content, marketing strategies and so much more. It’s free to join!


In this article, I have given you a number of ways to make money online without an investment. In my opinion, creating a blog is the best way to establish an online business that can bring you results month after month. As your blog grows with time, you will find that online traffic (buyers) to your site will increase as well. This is great news for you!

Be careful of the number of scams you can find on the internet. There are thousands of programs out there that will ask you for your credit card, promise you great wealth, and actually give you nothing in return. I know this from my own personal experience so do your research before signing up.

For those looking for a platform to market their product with a blog, I strongly recommend that you give Wealthy Affiliate a look. As mentioned earlier, it is free to join and you will be provided with a blog website that will be owned by you. No credit card or computer experience required! I wish you the very best!!




Where To Find Affiliate Products To Sell Online

computerPromoting and marketing affiliate products has become quite popular with individuals looking to earn money from home. Some of these individuals are working full time as an affiliate while others are just looking for a way to supplement their income and earn a few extra dollars.

Before you decide to enter this arena, it is important that you know where to find affiliate products to sell online and which ones to market. There are hundreds if not thousands of networks you can find online that will allow you to join their affiliate programs.

In this article, I will show you a few of the more popular affiliate programs, look at the pros and cons of each, and offer a suggestion to one that I am familiar with and one that I would highly recommend.

Find Affiliate Products To Sell Online … A Few Of The Big Boys 

When you think about products to sell online as an affiliate, there are a few that stand out from the rest. They have been around for some time and are very popular with individuals worldwide. They are: Clickbank, Amazon, and ShareASale to name a few.

  1. Clickbank


This particular network is one of the world’s largest and specify in digital products that are made available to affiliates. Clickbank offers products to promote in just about any niche you think of, and is extremely popular with online affiliates.

I have written a separate article explaining and describing in specific detail the workings of Clickbank and what they have to offer. Simply click here to view that article which provides greater detail.

Pros (Clickbank)

  • The number of products available to affiliates
  • The high commission percentages paid to affiliates
  • The easy sign up process and the free membership
  • Payment schedules are available and delivered on time
  • No worries with shipping, refunds, etc.

Cons (Clickbank)

  • Refunds are readily accessible with the Clickbank platform
  • Competition for some products (selling) can be an issue for new affiliates
  • Customer service can be slow to respond to questions

2. Amazon


Amazon is another giant as a source of affiliate products that can be used to sell online. It is the largest online retailer worldwide, which offers affiliates (associates) products to sell in the market of books, music, electronics, men and women clothing, shoes, pet needs, recreational needs and so much more.

If you are considering joining this network as an affiliate, just click here to get started Millions of products have been sold from this site so you should feel confident in making sales as an affiliate.

Pros (Amazon)

  • People recognize and trust the Amazon brand
  • New products being introduced almost daily
  • As an Amazon associate, as long as a customer uses your affiliate link, you will get credit for a sale (24 hours ) even if they purchase a different product than the one you are promoting

Cons (Amazon)

  • The Commission structure, depending on the product you choose, can be on the lower end
  • Very strict guidelines that you must follow (Failure to do so can get your affiliate account shut down)
  • Competition for best selling products is heavy

3. ShareaSale


ShareASale is another huge affiliate marketing network that supplies affiliates with a vast amount of products to promote and market. The merchant(s) belonging to this network offer the opportunity for affiliates to market their products in hopes of producing more sales.

The affiliate, after making a sale, will receive a commission from the merchant for their work. Like Clickbank and Amazon, there are thousands of products and services available to promote and market.

Pros (ShareASale)

  • Over 3,800 merchants who have products that you can market as an affiliate
  • Easy registration and timely approval
  • Commissions are distributed the 20th of each month (Easy to find details regarding your affiliate campaign)
  • Affiliate tools such as links, banners are easy to access
  • Excellent support

Cons (ShareASale)

  • The website itself can be a bit confusing, especially for new affiliates
  • Updates from merchant on product you are marketing may not be communicated to you)

As you can see, each one of these platforms provides a source to find affiliate products to sell online. It is essential that you decide on which type of product within your niche and choose a network that provides a product that interests you.

In addition, you will have to consider which type of product you choose to sell online. For example, Clickbank is known for its digital products where Amazon is popular with physical products.

My Recommendation

choiceFrom experience, I have found that finding a product to make some sales online is just half the battle. To be successful online, you must have a source available to you that will allow you to promote your product.

To be honest, it took some time and a good bit of money for me to understand this concept. I would jump on Clickbank or Amazon, find an online product to sell with no way of getting customers to this product.

That all changed for me when I came across a program called Wealthy Affiliate. What is Wealthy Affiliate? In a nutshell, its an online community with over a 100,000 members that offers affiliate training and so much more. Here are just some of the things Wealthy Affiliate offers:

A free membership that includes:

  1. Two Free Websites That Are Generated For You
  2. Access to 500 Training Modules
  3. Live Support
  4. Free Keyword Searches

You should know that there is a paid membership as well but that is entirely up to you. The paid membership (Premium) does offer added training, websites, personal messaging just to name a few of the benefits.

Not only that, but this program also enables you to promote this platform as an affiliate. You will receive affiliate links and banners that you can use along with the website you now have to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

It gets better! As an affiliate, look at the commission structure for both types of memberships:









I will tell you that I am currently an affiliate for both Clickbank and Amazon and have been for some time. Finding a product to sell online has never been an issue for me as I use both networks to do so. I have just found that Wealthy Affiliate offers an unique product that is so easy to market.

In comparing Wealthy Affiliate to Clickbank I have left you a comparison chart below for comparison. Both offer platforms that are legitimate and ones that affiliates have achieved great financial success. Here’s a look:



So there you have it. I have given you four different platforms in which to find products online to sell. Each is unique in their own way in what they have to offer.

For those looking at Wealthy Affiliate as a product to market, you can do so by clicking on the ad below. It’s free to look around and I know you will be impressed with what you find!

Is Clickbank A Scam? … What You Need To Know

Are you looking to find a way to earn some money online? There are a number of programs to be found online that offer a platform to achieve financial success but can they be trusted? One such platform is called Clickbank that offers an affiliate program to those interested in generating an income from home. Is Clickbank a Scam? Let’s look closer:

What Is Clickbank? A Scam Or The Real Deal?

Clickbank represents itself as an affiliate marketing network that provides a service to three specific groups. The network focuses primarily on digital products, and products or services that can be directly obtained with a click on the computer keyboard. In recent years, however, they have added a few physical products that may be purchased. Clickbank is and remains the number one network with thousands of digital products.

As mentioned earlier, Clickbank provides a platform for three specific groups. As outlined on their website, here are the three types of individuals that may find the Clickbank network one of interest.



Anyone has the opportunity to visit the website and purchase a product (digital) of their choosing. After doing so, the customer will receive instant access to their product through a link or download.

Product Creators   (Vendors)

These individuals use the Clickbank network to display their products or services to the needs of their customers. Many of these product creators or vendors do quite well in selling their self-created products through the Clickbank network.

Digital Marketers   (Affiliates)  affiliate marketing

Digital marketers are basically affiliates, who promote and hopefully make sales using a product that has been made available by product creators. As a digital marketer (affiliate) you will have the opportunity to choose a product that you wish to market by receiving an affiliate link that is unique to you and you only.

How Clickbank Works … As An Affiliate

As a digital network, Clickbank provides a platform that enables individuals to earn income in a few different ways. Let’s take a look at these, and give you a better idea on how this process takes place.

The first step in using Clickbank is to set up an account with a simple sign-up process. After doing so, you will receive a Clickbank ID that will be used to market and promote digital products. As an affiliate, this personal ID will allow you to search the marketplace to find a product that you would like to promote. More on the marketplace in a minute.

Let’s assume that you have done your research and have decided on a product that you would like to market. Great! You now will receive an affiliate link that represents the specific product you have chosen to market. What next? You will need a source where you can market and promote your product in order to make sales. Got you covered here!

The Marketplace … Thousands Of Options!

The Clickbank Marketplace has thousands of digital products in various niches so finding one to market that interests you should not be an issue. Below is just a sample of some of these niches (categories) that are offered through the Clickbank website. As an affiliate, you have many options.

As you can see, there are a number of choices here. Each one of these categories contains sub-categories which will give you additional options in choosing a product.

I chose Business/Investing to illustrate these sub-categories. Check it out below:


Finding a Product To Market … What To Look For

As mentioned earlier, the Clickbank network offers thousands of product to market in a number of niches. So how do you know which product to choose, and which one can prove to be beneficial to you as an affiliate? Let me show you a few things to consider when choosing a product through the following screenshots:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Gravity (Grav)

Within the Clickbank network, gravity has significant meaning to affiliate marketers. Gravity refers to a calculated performance (By Clickbank) of a specific product, with a Gravity (Grav) number representing the number of affiliates who have made a commission over the past 12 weeks by selling this product.

By looking at the screenshot above and the one on the left, you can see that the Gravity (Grav) is a little over 143. This roughly means that there are 143 affiliates who have made a commission in the past few weeks. That’s the good part. Here comes the bad! With 143 affiliates already making sales, you can bet there are many out there marketing this product (Lean Belly Breakthrough) as well. Competition will be tough in making sales with this product!

In the screenshot on the right, (Xtreme Fat Loss Diet) you can see where the Grav is a little over 12. Using the same explanation as we used above, you can tell that are 12 affiliates who have made a commission selling this product in the last 12 weeks. Although competition is much lower with this product, you have to ask yourself if this product has a market. Why is the Gravity number so low? Through some simple research, you will find your answer.

Initial $/sale

what to sellIn using our screenshots above, you can see that the Lean Belly product has an initial sale of $35.08. This number indicates the amount ($35.08) that you will make with your initial sale. With the Xtreme Fat Loss product, your initial sale would be $22.35.

Avg % sale

This number represents the amount of commission you receive when selling this product. In our examples we are using above, the product on the left is 77% with the one on the right being 75%. These are the average commission rates for each of these products.


This a very nice feature that many of the products offered through Clickbank have attached to them. In our products listed above, you can see that neither have this feature. For those products that do, a rebill is a process where your customer purchases the same product month after month which can give you a nice residual income.



pros and cons

Let’s now take a look at some benefits associated with becoming a Clickbank affiliate.

  1. Thousands of products to choose from (Roughly 6,000)
  2. New products being introduced by vendors almost daily
  3. High commissions (Usually somewhere between 50% and 70%)
  4. Cost nothing on your part to join as an affiliate
  5. Payments are sent to you in a timely manner (Every one to two weeks)
  6. Allows you to promote in four different languages (Can promote worldwide)


Here are a few of the disadvantages of becoming a Clickbank affiliate.

  1. You will have to spend some time with research to find a product that meets specific criteria.
  2. Customer support, in most cases, does not respond to an issue quickly.
  3. Payment can be delayed until certain criteria are met (Clickbank guidelines)

How And Where To Promote Your Clickbank Product

Okay, you have got your Clickbank product and you are ready to start earning some income. How do you plan doing this? How do you plan on marketing and promoting this product? Without having online traffic that you can place in front of your product, you have little chance of generating sales. Here’s an idea:

blogMany successful affiliate marketers use a website (blog) that allows them to market and promote their Clickbank product. This can easily be done by giving a review of your product, and pointing out the things you like and don’t like about your product. Be honest with this review, as your readers can easily tell fact from fiction.

Some of you at this point may not have your own website or have no idea on how to build on. There is a program I found that will actually build a website for you, and get this, for free! The name of this site is known as Wealthy Affiliate where ‘techy’ knowledge or website experience is not necessary.

Once you have your website created (less than 30 seconds) through Wealthy Affiliate, you now have a place to market your product. With your own website, you now control what you want on to display on your site and drive traffic right to your Clickbank product.


Well, I hope you have learned something new about Clickbank and hopefully answered some questions you may have had. I especially like Clickbank for affiliates just starting out due to its simplicity in signing up (free to join) and the number of products available to market.

Is Clickbank a scam? In my opinion, absolutely not. Thousands of individuals worldwide use this platform every day and many are making a good deal of money with as a Clickbank affiliate. It does require work on your part but the rewards can be substantial.

For those looking to market your product through your own website, I would suggest you give Wealthy Affiliate a good look and see just what they have to offer. It will cost you nothing to do so and offers a fantastic affiliate program as well. Simply click on the banner ad below to get started now!